Duluth, MN Ain’t Down with Public Park Puffin’

Duluth, MN Ain't Down with Public Park Puffin'

Yo, peeps in Duluth, Minnesota just passed a new law that’s gonna put a stop to smokin’ that good green in all the city parks. And get this, it comes right after the state passed a law legalizin’ recreational cannabis use for adults age 21 and up. Talk about a buzzkill, man.

According to Minnesota Public Radio, this new ordinance ain’t just about the ganja. It’s also gonna ban vaping weed and expand the tobacco smokin’ ban to cover all city parks. But don’t fret, my fellow stoners, you can still chow down on them gummy bears infused with that sweet Mary Jane goodness.

Before this new law came into effect, smokin’ pot was only a no-go in some parks. But now, the Duluth City Council voted 8-1 to make it illegal across the board. They claim they wanna protect the clean air for everyone chillin’ in public spaces and parks. They’re worried ’bout folks with health conditions, especially the young ones.

But not everyone was feelin’ this new rule. One councilmember named Azrin Awal went against the grain and voted against it. He argued that if people can’t smoke in public buildings or parks, where else are they gonna go? The sidewalks and streets, man! That’s where there’s even more traffic and chaos.

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And get this, the city council even tabled an amendment to reduce the maximum fine for breakin’ the rules. They were thinkin’ ’bout bringing in a new fee structure instead. Gotta make that money somehow, am I right?

Minnesota became the 23rd state to legalize adult-use cannabis just a while back when their Democratic Governor Tim Walz signed that bill into law. He’s all about it, sayin’ that prohibition ain’t workin’ and legalizin’ cannabis is gonna boost the economy and create jobs. Plus, they’re gonna expunge or reduce the sentences for those nonviolent cannabis convictions. Gotta make things right, man.

Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan is on the same page. She believes that legalizin’ cannabis is gonna make their communities safer and bring justice to the people. Those old laws have been hittin’ communities of color hard, so by clearin’ their records, they’re takin’ down them barriers that keep ’em from gettin’ back on track.

Now, even though the law officially kicked in on August 1, ya can’t exactly go out and buy some weed from the store just yet. Sales ain’t expected to start until next year. But let me tell ya, it’s gonna be a big business. Vicente LLP, a well-known cannabis firm, did an analysis and said that Minnesota could rake in about $1.5 billion a year from recreational cannabis sales by 2029. That’s a whole lotta green, man.

And guess what? Minnesota might be seein’ some out-of-town visitors rollin’ through just to get their hands on that sweet Mary Jane. People from nearby states like Iowa and North Dakota might be makin’ the trip to Minnesota just for some of their good stuff. It’s gonna be like a weed pilgrimage or somethin’, dude.

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Sounds like New York isn’t too far behind either. They legalized recreational cannabis last year, and now they’re joinin’ in on the no-smokin’ party by bannin’ it in state-owned parks and beaches. The governor there says it’s all about protectin’ people’s health and keepin’ public spaces clean.

So there you have it, my friends in Duluth. You can’t light up in the parks no more, but at least you can still enjoy your edibles. Stay safe, stay high! Peace out.

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