CT Stay Pushin’ That $25M Monthly Bag in Adult-Use, Med Mary Jane

CT Stay Pushin’ That M Monthly Bag in Adult-Use, Med Mary Jane

Yo, peeps in Connecticut are going crazy for that good-good, cannabis, ya feel me? State data is showing that adult-use weed sales are off the chain and bringing in mad dough. This joint started poppin’ on January 10th and the sales have been steady climbing ever since.

The Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) dropped a press release on October 10th, with some fresh preliminary data. They revealed that in the month of September 2023 alone, adult-use and medical cannabis sales combined racked up over $25 million, baby!

But hold up, these numbers don’t even include the taxes on adult-use cannabis. And you know what’s even doper? Medical cannabis patients don’t gotta worry about paying no taxes on their green. That’s straight up fire.

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According to the Hartford Courant, these sales figures are setting records and almost matching the numbers from August. The report says, “In September, adult-use sales hit over $14.3 million, while medical marijuana sales reached almost $11 million. Adult-use sales have been goin’ strong since January 10th.”

And check this out: in September, medical marijuana patients scooped up a whopping 284,116 products, while the adult-use crowd bought 376,035 products. Damn! The average price of medical marijuana products was $38.21, while adult-use products went for $38.37. And here’s the breakdown: 52% of September’s sales were straight-up flower, you know what I’m sayin’? Vapes made up 30% of the sales, and edibles were at 11%.

They collected all this fresh data through BioTrack, which is Connecticut’s real-time inventory system known as the Seed-to-Sale Tracking System. It keeps tabs on each individual plant from seed to sale. So they know exactly where that dank bud came from before it landed in your hands. They don’t record info about who actually buys the weed though, so don’t trip.

When it comes to how much people can cop in one go, recreational users can get a quarter ounce of flower or the equivalent in other products. But medical cannabis patients have it even better. They can snag up to five ounces per month. Damn, that’s a whole lotta ganja!

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The state officials in Connecticut keep track of cannabis sales every month, so you can peep the steady rise of adult-use sales by checking out their dope graphics.

Now, hold up, the DCP ain’t out here making revenue projections, setting sales expectations or collecting taxes. They just drop the data and update it every month on their website. You can find it at ct.gov/cannabis. They also remind all the grown-ups lighting up to do so responsibly. Pass the joint, my dude!

Yo, these numbers are no joke. August’s data was almost identical to September’s. The DCP press release reveals that in August alone, they hauled in nearly $25 million from adult-use and medical cannabis sales combined. That’s mad cash!

August saw over $14 million in adult-use sales and almost $11 million in medical marijuana sales. Medical peeps copped 278,395 cannabis products with an average price of $39.36, while recreational users bought 354,700 products with an average price of $39.49.

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By product type, most of y’all were puffin’ on that flower, makin’ up about 53% of the sales. Vape cartridges came in at 27%, followed by edibles at 10%, extracts at 7%, and some “other” stuff at 4%. That “other” category includes pills, tinctures, topicals, and more.

Yo, peep this: medical cannabis was approved back when Gov. Dannel Malloy was in charge, but they didn’t keep track of sales until 2023. On the other hand, adult-use cannabis was signed into law by Gov. Ned Lamont in June 2021, but sales didn’t kick off until January 2023. But boy, oh boy, they still managed to make $250,000 in sales on the very first day with eight dispensaries up and runnin’.

In January, they raked in a cool $5 million. February saw $7 million rollin’ in, March had them countin’ $9.5 million, April jumped up to $10 million, May scored $11.5 million, and June bumped it up to $12.5 million. July and August hit the same high of $13 million. And September? You guessed it, they hit $14 million again.

But now we gotta talk about home cultivation. The DCP made a big announcement when they launched home cannabis cultivation on July 1st. They made sure to remind y’all that if you’re growing your own stash at home, do it responsibly. Keep them plants indoors and outta reach from kids and pets.

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According to the state’s regulations, adults who are 21 and older can grow up to six cannabis plants, including three immature ones and three mature, flowering ones. Just make sure you keep ’em locked up so nobody gets into your stash.

Now we gotta see how home cultivation will affect adult-use sales. Will people be less likely to hit up the dispensaries when they can grow their own? Only time will tell.

So there you have it, folks! Connecticut is killin’ it in the cannabis game. The sales keep rollin’ in month after month. The state officials ain’t makin’ any predictions or setting prices, they just droppin’ the facts for y’all to see. So spark up and enjoy responsibly!

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