Congress Ain’t Playin’ with DEA, UN Drug Treaties a Joke – Keep Pushin’ to Reschedule Marijuana

Congress Ain't Playin' with DEA, UN Drug Treaties a Joke - Keep Pushin' to Reschedule MarijuanaYo, peep this! Germany just straight up legalized recreational cannabis like it ain’t no thang. And guess what? That whole UN Drug treaties mess about cannabis cultivation and processing? Yeah, that’s out the window now. All those cats over at been hollering about how the US been frontin’ about not rescheduling weed because of some “international drug treaties” BS. But check this – the UN actually changed their own scheduling of cannabis resin four years ago while the US still stuck in the past with their outdated scheduling of the plant. And to add more spice to the pot, the US be importing weed from Jamaica with DEA approval for medical tests. Like, what even is going on anymore?

Now, it looks like Congress is picking up on what been preaching and telling the DEA to chill about them international drug treaties as they get ready to reschedule cannabis real soon. Sydney Kamlager-Dove, a Democrat in Congress, straight up calling out the DEA to reevaluate their stance on marijuana rescheduling. She ain’t buying into all that talk about violating treaties and wants the Department of health and human services to give top priority to their proposals. She demanding transparency and wants the DEA to spill all the beans on what’s really influencing their decision-making process.

Some dude named Rep. Andy Harris got his panties in a bunch talking about treaty violations, but legal heads and lawmakers be arguing for rescheduling. They pointing fingers at countries like Canada and Uruguay to back up their claims. They saying moving marijuana to Schedule III is all about keeping the public safe and sound.

The debate on marijuana rescheduling getting hotter than a summer day in Cali right now. Folks wondering if it’s gonna clash with them international obligations. While some are worried about breaking treaties, others are all for rescheduling, especially after seeing how other countries are handling it. Advocates saying that moving marijuana to Schedule III could actually line up with what them treaties want – protecting public health and safety.

Support for rescheduling is coming from all over, saying it could open up new doors for research and treatment while also fixing the mess prohibition created. It’s all about creating a more inclusive drug policy that takes into account the diverse effects of current laws. There’s a lot of talk about responsibility in making these decisions, especially when you dealing with something as impactful as weed.

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People pushing for rescheduling are mostly focused on social justice issues tied to drug laws. They saying that low-income communities and people of color getting slammed hard by prohibition. They hoping that by easing up on punishments and creating new opportunities for these communities, we can start making things right again.

The fight for rescheduling ain’t just about changing laws – it’s about making society more fair and just for everyone involved. It’s all about giving folks a second chance, promoting economic growth, and paving the way for a more equitable future.

So, in conclusion, this whole debate around marijuana rescheduling showing us that it’s a lot more than just crossing t’s and dotting i’s when it comes to drug policies. There’s a whole lot of moving parts involved, from global treaties to social justice concerns. The push for rescheduling coming from a place of wanting better access to medicine, addressing past wrongs, and creating a more balanced approach to drug regulation. The decision from the DEA gonna have huge implications not only on federal policy but also on how the US is seen globally in terms of drug regulation.

In the end, we gotta keep pushing for a more comprehensive approach that takes into account public health, scientific evidence, and social justice concerns. The move towards progressive drug policies ain’t something we can ignore – it’s all part of a larger shift towards creating a safer, fairer world for everyone. So keep your eyes peeled, ’cause this ain’t over yet!

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