Cherry Pie Strain Roll Up

Cherry Pie Strain Roll Up

Yo, what’s good fam? I’m Dan, and I’m here to give you the rundown on the Cherry Pie strain. This sh*t is fire, let me tell you! It’s got a high-THC content that’ll get you feeling euphoric, happy, and energized. This is the perfect strain to smoke when you’re hanging with your crew or working on some dope projects – it’ll get your creative juices flowing.

And let’s talk about the taste for a minute. This sh*t tastes like sweet cherry pie! You know the kind that yo’ momma used to make back in the day? Yeah, that sh*t. It’s so delicious, it’s like a treat for your senses.

The Cherry Pie strain has got some pretty dope flavors too – you’ll taste hints of cherry, earthy tones, and pine. It’s perfect for dealing with anxiety, helping you focus on whatever project you’re working on, or even helping you catch some z’s if you need it.

If you’re looking to grow this sh*t yourself, you should know that it has a flowering period of around 7-9 weeks and it’s best grown indoors. But if you don’t want to deal with all that hassle, you can always buy some seeds from our #1 rated online seed store – Homegrown.

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So what’s the deal with Cherry Pie? Well, it’s a hybrid strain that’s up to 80% indica dominant. It’s a cross between Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple, which are both rockstar strains in their own right. And trust me when I say that this strain lives up to its parentage.

Cherry Pie has got a high concentration of terpenes too, which is part of what makes it so damn good. Myrcene is the most abundant terpene followed by linalool, alpha-pinene, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene. This sh*t is believed to have originated in Cali, and those who’ve used it know that it’s a massive hit.

When you smoke Cherry Pie, you’ll notice that it tastes like a freshly baked cherry pie coming out of the oven. It’s got a dank scent that fills up a room and smells like cherries, blueberries, and earthy spices all rolled into one.

The flavor is pretty skunky and piney at first, but then you’ll taste the sweetness of the cherries. It’s got a sticky and sweet taste that lingers on your tongue even after you’re done smoking it. The nugs are denser than Durban Poison and not as round as Granddaddy Purple, but they’re still damn good.

If you want to grow this sh*t yourself, keep in mind that it’s best grown indoors. You want to keep the daytime temperature between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Using soil is better than hydroponics for this strain, so look for loam potting soil and add some worm castings and bat guano to improve the quality of the soil.

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Make sure to prune your plants too – they tend to grow to be medium-sized but can get bushy if you’re not careful. You’ll want to prune them a little bit at a time so you don’t shock them too much. And don’t forget to flush your plants before harvest so you don’t get that nasty nitrogen taste.

Cherry Pie has got a pretty wide range of THC content – some cuts have a low THC content of around 13%, while others can have up to 23% THC. Its CBD content is pretty low though – it usually ranges between 0.04% and 0.2%.

And let me tell you, when you smoke Cherry Pie, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world. You’ll get a surge of energy that’ll make you feel like you can take on the world. Your thoughts will race and you’ll become more talkative too – it’s perfect for some deep conversations about life and sh*t.

Cherry Pie is also known for helping elevate your mood, so if you’re feeling down in the dumps, this strain could be perfect for you. It’s not the strongest strain out there, but it can help melt away the stress of the day and make you feel relaxed and happy.

If you’re worried about side effects, don’t be. The most common ones are dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, and anxiety. You could also feel dehydrated, so make sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after smoking this sh*t.

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All in all, Cherry Pie is a solid strain that’ll get you feeling good and tasting great. It’s perfect for socializing or working on projects, and it’s easy to grow if you’re up for the challenge. So what are you waiting for? Go grab some Cherry Pie and see for yourself how dope this sh*t is!

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