Cherry Pie Strain: A Lit Review on That Fire Weed

Cherry Pie Strain: A Lit Review on That Fire Weed

Yo, what up, it’s ya boy Dan comin’ atcha with another dope article on some fire marijuana strains. Today, we’re talkin’ ‘bout Cherry Pie, a strain that’s got everybody buzzin’ ‘round the world.

This strain is fire for so many reasons – it’s got a bomb-ass aroma and taste that’ll have your mouth waterin’ in no time. Now, there are a lotta different opinions out there ‘bout where this strain came from. But the experts over at ILGM seed bank say that it’s made from crossin’ two legendary strains – Granddaddy Purple and African Durban Poison. That’s some impressive shit right there.

When you smoke this strain, you’re gonna get hit with a killer high, body buzz, sweet smell, and amazing taste. It’s basically gonna blow yo mind from the first puff.

I’d say the best time to smoke this shit is when you’re chillin’ with yo homies in the daytime and want something that’ll keep you active and euphoric without makin’ you feel too heavy.

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Growin’ Cherry Pie is hella easy. You can cop some feminized seeds from ILGM seed bank, which means you’re guaranteed to get a female plant that’ll produce dope-ass buds. When the buds start growin’, they’ll be super noticeable ‘cause of the bright orange hairs on them. Plus, there’ll be a purple undertone that makes the plant look all kinds of beautiful.

This strain is 80% Indica and 20% Sativa, which means you’re gonna get lit but still be able to function during the day. You can grow it both indoors and outdoors, but I’d recommend growin’ it inside for maximum yields. This baby is resistive to pests, bugs, and diseases, so you don’t gotta worry ‘bout that nasty shit when you’re growin’ it yourself.

When grown properly, the plant will be medium height so you don’t gotta stress too much about the vertical space in your grow room. If you live in a warm and sunny area like the Mediterranean, you can even grow this shit outside. Just make sure it gets enough sunlight.

When grown inside in a controlled environment, this strain can give you a whopping 16 ounces per square meter of plantation after flowerin’ for about 8-9 weeks. If you’re growin’ outside and have lots of warmth and sunlight, you can get up to 14 ounces per plant and have it ready for harvest by late October.

This strain has all kinds of medical benefits too. It’s perfect for people who suffer from anxiety or stress ‘cause it keeps the mind clean and calm without any extra worries. It can also promote positive thoughts in people who suffer from depression.

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If you got PMS, headaches, muscle tensions or migraines, this shit is perfect for relief. Plus, people who suffer from nausea or eating disorders due to cancer treatment or chemotherapy can benefit from this strain too.

If you need a cerebral high that won’t knock ya out or make ya couch-locked, this is your go-to strain. It’ll make ya happy as hell and relaxed without making ya feel too heavy or out of it. You might even feel more creative and motivated after smoking this shit.

When you handle these buds, they’ll leave an earthy taste on your fingers that tastes like smoked cherries. And when you smoke it, it tastes like berries – which everybody loves.

The odor is dank as hell too – you’ll get a fresh cherry pie smell along with some sour and tangy notes depending on growing conditions.

So if you wanna get lit on some killer weed that tastes like berries and smells amazing while giving you all kinds of medical benefits…then Cherry Pie is the way to go. Cop some feminized seeds from ILGM seed bank today and get growin’!

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