Can Weed Make Your Sex Game Better? All The Deets You Gotta Have

Can Weed Make Your Sex Game Better? All The Deets You Gotta Have

Yo, what’s good fam? It’s ya boy Dan here, and today we’re gonna talk about weed and sex. You know they’ve always been linked, but now science is backing up what we already knew. Cannabis can improve your sex life in a ton of ways, like reducing anxiety and boosting your libido. So let’s dive into everything you need to know about cannabis and sex.

First up, the ladies. Studies have shown that women who use cannabis before sex are twice as likely to reach orgasm than those who don’t. And not only that, they have sex more often too. So if you’re looking for some sexual enhancement, it might be worth trying out some Mary Jane.

But fellas, don’t feel left out. The same study found that men who use cannabis experience a significant boost in their sexual activity compared to non-smokers. And if you normally use pills like Viagra or Cialis, don’t worry – weed won’t mess with those effects.

So how can you use cannabis to enhance your sexual experience? Well, besides smoking a joint right before getting busy (which can be risky), there are other ways to incorporate weed into your pre-sex routine. For example, why not cook a romantic meal together with some homemade cannabutter? Or take a walk in the woods and enjoy the scenery with your partner? And for the ultimate date night, try giving each other massages with THC-infused lubricant.

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But which strains are best for getting it on? It all depends on what you’re looking for. If you want to relax and get rid of stage fright, go for an indica-dominant hybrid like White Rhino. If you want to feel playful and energetic, try a sativa like Super Silver Haze. And if you want to really feel every touch, go for a strain like Sour Diesel or Super Skunk.

Now, there are some risks involved with mixing cannabis and sex. Some studies have shown that prolonged cannabis use can lead to erectile dysfunction or inhibit some men’s ability to achieve orgasm. But these studies are based on animal and in vitro experiments, so the truth is unclear. Just be sure to know your limits and test out any new strains before getting busy.

And remember, the most important part of any sexual encounter is consent – especially when psychoactive substances are involved. So make sure you and your partner are on the same page before lighting up.

And for those who don’t like getting high, there’s still hope. CBD has been shown to improve energy and stamina in the bedroom, as well as sharpening your sense of touch. So if you’re looking for some sexual benefits without the high, give CBD a try.

So there you have it, folks. Cannabis can definitely improve your sex life if you know how to use it right. Just be safe, know your limits, and always communicate with your partner. Happy toking!

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