Blue Zkittlez (Weed Strain Review)

Blue Zkittlez (Weed Strain Review)

Yo, what’s good people? My name is Dan, and today we’re gonna talk about the Blue Zkittlez strain. This indica-leaning strain is a mad relaxer, but if you go too hard, you might find yourself stuck on the couch, so be careful! But damn, it tastes good. You get that sweet, zesty citrus that’ll make your mouth water.

Overall, Blue Zkittlez is perfect for kickin’ back in front of the TV at night. It’s got flavors of citrus, grapefruit, herb, and sweetness. It’s common for relieving depression, lack of appetite, sleep, and stress. And yo, it’s got some dope effects too like increasing your appetite, calming you down, sparking creativity, relaxing you, and sedating you.

Now let’s talk about growing this bad boy. You can grow it inside or outside. But yo, if you wanna get that high bud count, you gotta know what you’re doing. Novices can give it a shot but experienced growers will definitely reap the benefits. And if you need some seeds for this strain, hit up Homegrown – they got the hookup.

And yo, did you know that this strain was named after Skittles? The fruity candy we all know and love. That’s why it’s so damn tasty! The Blue Zkittlez strain is a cross between Zkittlez and Blue Diamond and was created by Dying Breed Seeds to help you relax.

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Don’t expect this strain to give you energy – it’s all about chillin’. You might feel a little light-headed at first and happy AF. But then your limbs are gonna feel heavy as hell and before you know it – couch lock central. So make sure you only smoke this when you’re done with your daily tasks.

This strain is perfect for hangin’ out with your homies but make sure you got a place to sleep because you might end up wanting to crash. And yo, you’re gonna get the munchies, so make sure you got some snacks on deck before you smoke.

This strain has a sweet, earthy aroma that’s kinda like berries mixed with diesel. And when you light it up or grind it, the smell intensifies – so watch out for that.

The buds are small and green with speckles of yellow and blue and layers of trichomes. You might see some long brown leaves that pop against that green background. And yo, it might be possible to bring out some blue coloring in this strain if you experiment with lower nighttime temperatures.

This strain has a THC content of around 20%, but sometimes it can test even higher. And surprisingly, it could have up to 1% CBD – which is pretty damn high for a strain that isn’t specifically bred for it.

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The medical benefits of this strain are pretty cool too. It can help if you’re feeling depressed or anxious and can elevate your mood a bit. But mostly, it’s used to help with stress and insomnia. It’s a mad relaxer that’ll numb your limbs and might help with pain too. And yo, if you need to eat, this strain will definitely give you the munchies.

But yo, make sure you’re ready for the standard side effects like dry mouth and dry eyes. And don’t use this strain if you gotta do anything that requires physical activity because it’s a potent sedative. If you smoke too much, you might get dizzy or get headaches.

Overall, the Blue Zkittlez strain is perfect for MMJ patients who need to unwind and get some sleep. It’s a strong body high that’ll have you feeling heavy as hell in no time. And yo, if you got some experience growing weed, try bringing out that blue coloring in the buds. It’ll look mad fly.

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