Yo, is weed legit in Ethiopia? – All the deets you gotta KNOW

Yo, is weed legit in Ethiopia? - All the deets you gotta KNOW

Yo, what’s good? It’s your boy Dan and today we’re talking about Ethiopia and weed. Now, Ethiopia may not be the ideal travel destination for some, but it’s still an African country that deserves attention. So, if you’re curious about whether weed is legal in Ethiopia or not, then sit back and let me give you the lowdown on everything you need to know.

First things first, let’s talk about the current status of cannabis in Ethiopia. Medical marijuana and recreational use are both illegal in the country. You can’t sell, grow, or possess weed in any form. In fact, if you get caught with it, you could end up in jail for six months or more!

Why is weed illegal in Ethiopia, you may ask? Well, the government believes that weed will lead to more poverty in the country. Despite this belief, there is a growing trend of young people using weed in Ethiopia, just like in other countries.

Now let’s talk about the history of cannabis in Ethiopia. Believe it or not, Ethiopia is actually the spiritual home of the Rastafari movement – a religion that developed in Jamaica in the 1930s after Haile Selassie became king of Ethiopia. Rastafarians consider ganja to be a herb of religious significance and refer to it as the holy herb of wisdom weed.

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Despite this association with Rastafari culture, cannabis use is still illegal in Ethiopia. Possession of weed can land you in jail for at least six months. The government has even passed strict laws on selling marijuana with a fine of 100,000 Ethiopian birrs for those caught doing so.

However, despite these laws, police enforcement is weaker than what’s stated on paper. The consumption of weed is continually increasing among young people as each year passes. As a result, people are buying and selling cannabis seeds and products on the black market.

But what about growing marijuana plants? If you get caught doing this in Ethiopia, you could end up serving jail time for up to 10 years with a hefty fine.

Unfortunately, CBD is also considered illegal in Ethiopia. No one can buy or sell CBD for medicinal or recreational purposes.

The only thing that is legal when it comes to cannabis in Ethiopia is industrial hemp. This crop has been used to make garments, ropes, food, and fiber – providing a new hope for farmers and generating millions of dollars for the nation.

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Despite all this potential revenue generated from hemp and cannabis industries, Ethiopia still refuses to legalize marijuana for anyone’s usage except for research purposes.

So why is Ethiopia not legalizing marijuana? Well, the government believes that weed culture is responsible for poverty, poor health, unskilled youth, and many more problems in the country.

But hey – let’s stay hopeful! Maybe one day medicinal marijuana will become legal in Ethiopia. Until then though, let’s smoke within our limits to enjoy ourselves without causing any problems.

Just remember – the laws regarding cannabis are strict on paper but weakly enforced on the streets. So if you’re ever traveling to Ethiopia and want to find some good quality weed, just ask around where you can find some Rastafari people – they’ll know where to go!

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