Cali State Fair Bumping Up The Vibes With Weed Sales And Smokin’ On Site For The First Time

Cali State Fair Bumping Up The Vibes With Weed Sales And Smokin' On Site For The First TimeYo, peep this – the California State Fair is about to go down in history, fam. For the first time ever, they’re lettin’ people buy and smoke weed right there at the fair, no cap.

Now, listen up – even though they’ve had cannabis competitions and booths in the past, this year is gonna be lit. Lauren Carpenter from Embarc, the cannabis company runnin’ things at the fair, said this move is all about breakin’ down stereotypes and showin’ love to the farmers who put in work growin’ that good-good.

At the fair from July 12 to 28, if you’re 21 or older you can check out different weed products, add ’em to your virtual cart, and then pick ’em up at one of Embarc’s dispensaries off-site. And get this – there’s gonna be a 30,000-square-foot area where you can blaze up and chill.

James Leitz, the dude behind the Cannabis Competition and Exhibit, said this move is all about showin’ how important weed is to Cali’s agriculture game. They’re tryna educate the public on the benefits of the plant and give folks a chance to connect with the brands that are doin’ it right.

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But hold up – even though Cali is makin’ moves with on-site weed sales, New York was ahead of the game last year. They let people smoke and buy weed at their state fair after they legalized adult use. But they shut it down last year even though they had a farmers market with local growers slangin’ their products.

This year, Cali’s cannabis awards are goin’ big. They’re addin’ new categories like pre-rolls, concentrates, and edibles to keep things interesting. And they got over 500 entries, which is double what they had last year.

Tom Martinez, the boss man at the California State Fair, said they’re tryna put Cali’s agricultural diversity on blast. They want folks from all walks of life to come through and learn somethin’ new about weed and where it comes from.

And check this out – they got support from Sacramento and California state officials to make sure this whole thing goes down smooth. They’re tryna keep it safe for everybody while givin’ people a chance to learn and have a good time.

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So if you wanna get in on the action, mark your calendar for July 12-28 and head over to the California State Fair. It’s gonna be an experience you won’t forget.

And that’s a wrap for now, peeps. Keep it locked for more updates on what’s goin’ down at the fair. Stay lit!

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