Pub vs Gov in FL Weed Legalization Battle

Pub vs Gov in FL Weed Legalization BattleYo, so peep this – Florida been havin’ some drama when it comes to that green, ya feel me? Originally part of a Tri-state kingdom with Georgia and Alabama, the Sunshine State been strugglin’ with the whole legal weed movement. Now, in the latest round of the battle for legal marijuana, Governor DeSantis ain’t too happy ’cause the public’s demand is outrunnin’ his focus on some nanny state policies. The public versus governor showdown in Florida’s marijuana legalization fight is gettin’ heated, and it’s clear who’s comin’ out on top. The people be raisin’ way more funds than the Governor and his crew.

When medical marijuana first hit the ballot, folks were all for it. And honestly, it makes sense ’cause Florida got a lot of veterans and old heads in the mix. PTSD and chronic pain are just a couple ways that big organizations like the American Medical Association and Health and Human Services recognize that cannabis can help. Florida’s one of the top states for retirees, a group DeSantis prolly thought he could count on for support. But nah, the people showed up and supported medical marijuana by 61%. And when the Governor said that wasn’t enough, they came back harder and passed it at 71%.

But when the public started pushin’ for recreational weed to hit the ballot, DeSantis and his squad got to work. The Florida Attorney General was talkin’ smack ’bout how it didn’t meet the requirements and called it misleading. The Florida Supreme Court wasn’t havin’ that nonsense and now it’s on the ballot for November. But DeSantis ain’t feelin’ it and he tryna say that the people are confused and should just trust him when it comes to weed laws.

In another blow to the Governor’s plans, his efforts to slow down support seem to be fallin’ apart. DeSantis’ Freedom Fund PAC, which was supposed to shut down cannabis legalization and abortion access, only raised $10,000. Homeboy didn’t want those topics on the ballot ’cause he knew it would bring out more democratic, independent, and moderate voters. On the flip side, Smart & Safe Florida, the crew leadin’ the charge for legalization, done raised over $60 million. Floridians Protecting Freedom, who are pushin’ for an amendment ’bout abortion rights, brought in $20 million since they got on the ballot.

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And yo, we talkin’ ’bout Florida here – home of #Floridaman – so you know there gonna be some wild stuff goin’ down leading up to the election. Stay tuned ’cause this battle for legal weed in Florida ain’t gonna be over easy.

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