Buildin’ tha Dope-A$$ Micro-Grow wit a CPU Tower

Buildin' tha dope-ass micro-grow wit a CPU tower

Yo, what’s good? If you’re looking to grow some quality bud in a stealthy space, I got just the thing for you. It’s an art and a science that we call micro-growing, and one of the best options out there is retrofitting a computer tower. Keep it hidden in plain sight and harvest a personal stash of dank herb!

Now, I know some places still frown upon cultivation and use of our beloved herb, but that ain’t gonna stop us, right? Micro-growers get creative with their locations, but the real OGs know that the ultimate spot for stealth grows is in a computer tower!

A computer grow box is like the outside skeleton of a tower, with all the wiring and hardware removed from the inside. You swap out the interior with a light, a pot or hydroponic box, a fan, and maybe even a monitoring system to track humidity and temperature.

Setting up a micro-grow within a computer tower is as stealthy as it gets. Visitors ain’t likely to show any interest in a random computer unit sitting on a desk. Set it up next to your actual computer setup with monitors, mouse, and speaker, and it’ll blend right in.

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Computer towers are small spaces though, so realistically you’ll only be able to cultivate one plant or two extra-small plants in there. Yields will be relatively small too, but if discretion is your top priority then there really is no other option. Plus it’s enough to end up with a small personal stash on the regular.

You can buy modified computer towers that are ready for growing or make your own with ease. Adequate lighting is key for any cannabis grow operation though, and because computer towers have little surface area, LED lights are probably your best bet here. They put out only small amounts of heat compared to other light sources which lowers the chance of excess heat buildup and poses less of a fire hazard.

Odour control is important too because let’s face it, cannabis is a smelly plant. Carbon filters or gel systems within your grow will help absorb or mask the scent. Seal the inside of your computer tower with duct tape to minimise smell and line the inside with reflective material like foil to prevent light from leaking out and raising suspicion. Place gel blocks inside the grow space to help absorb pungent aromas from the air and use small and almost silent PC fans for air exchange to keep fresh air moving through the unit.

Now when it comes to strains, different cannabis strains vary massively. You want strains that have been bred to remain tiny for your computer tower grow space like Easy Bud, Quick One, or Royal Critical Automatic. These little ladies will be ready for harvest only 8-9 weeks after germination and offer impressive yields while maintaining miniature heights.

Lastly, using low stress training (LST) techniques like bending and tying growth can help you get more out of these small varieties by maintaining control over their stature. Tie down the main stem to the soil line allowing branches to grow vertically forming bushes which allow for better access to light resulting in larger buds and bigger yields.

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So there you have it folks! The ultimate micro-grow using a computer tower! Keep it stealthy and enjoy your personal stash of quality herb!

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