America Can’t Hold It Down at the Border Cause Border Patrol Agents Too Blazed – GOP Senator Ain’t Having It!

America Can't Hold It Down at the Border Cause Border Patrol Agents Too Blazed - GOP Senator Ain't Having It!Yo, peep this – there’s this Republican senator named James Lankford from OK who ain’t feelin’ the new move by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). They changed the dealio from makin’ recruits wait two years after usin’ weed to only three months. Senator Lankford ain’t trustin’ these recruits who been smokin’ weed, sayin’ it puts the safety of Border Patrol agents in jeopardy.

The senator found out ’bout this change durin’ a meetin’ last month, and he’s callin’ out CBP for goin’ against their mission to keep out illegal drugs. But here’s the real kicker – ain’t nobody worried ’bout the Canadian border where cannabis been legal for 7 years now. Them Canadians gettin’ stopped and banned for weed use, but no one raisin’ a ruckus up North, only down South. Crazy, right?

Senator Lankford’s office heard from CBP officers that the shift came ’cause of differences between state and federal weed laws in places where it’s legal. But at the end of the day, CBP gotta make sure federal rules ’bout illegal substances are followed.

Lankford also talkin’ ’bout how folks who admit to usin’ weed also get mixed up in other shady stuff, which don’t come as a surprise. Even if it’s legal in some states, folks still buy from unlicensed dealers in the “gray market” ’cause it’s cheaper.

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He also bringin’ up issues in licensed weed shops, talkin’ ’bout how they exploit undocumented immigrants for labor and treat ’em like crap. It’s a messed-up situation.

The senator even spoutin’ ’bout how smokin’ weed can lead to diseases like schizophrenia and psychosis. Even though studies don’t agree, Lankford pushin’ for stricter screenings for psychiatric disorders and drug use in federal job background checks.

In the end, Lankford warnin’ that regular weed use, especially where it’s legal, could mess with the trustworthiness of Border Patrol recruits. He worry ’bout psychosis in heavy users and how it could affect the job.

Lankford think that recruit review periods bein’ shorter could mean Border Patrol agents are tied to criminal gangs who sell weed grown by illegal immigrants. That ain’t a good look for the agency’s reputation or security.

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As the Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Governmental Operations and Border Management, Lankford got a say in federal hiring and border control. He ain’t happy ’bout this policy change and want CBP to go back to makin’ recruits wait two years before joinin’.

The senator got questions for CBP ’bout why they changed the policy and how it might affect recruits takin’ polygraph tests. Lankford worried ’bout what this means for border security and overall agency integrity. He think CBP makin’ a mistake by lettin’ folks who smoked weed three months ago join up.

CBP even tellin’ their employees not to use federally legal CBD products last year, showin’ how tricky enforcement gets with hemp bein’ legal too. They tryna find ways to quickly ID marijuana profiles with portable analyzers since hemp and weed look alike.

Lankford been against weed for a minute now – remember when he told the DEA not to reschedule it last year? Dude ain’t playin’.

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Senator Lankford see more than just short-term issues with this new policy – he think it could mess with border security efforts big time. He say that CBP risk lettin’ in recruits with shady pasts tied to criminal groups by relaxin’ rules on past weed use. This could put national security at risk ’cause them criminal gangs move all kinds of bad stuff across borders.

Lankford ain’t sure background checks and polygraphs can catch folks with links to criminal groups under this new policy. He say that shorter review times might not give enough time to find out who really involved in illegal stuff. This could mean bad people sneakin’ into Border Patrol ranks without no one knowin’, messin’ up the whole agency’s mission.

The senator also think this decision sends a bad message ’bout drugs and crime prevention efforts. He say CBP need to have one plan for stoppin’ drugs and protectin’ borders that follows federal law while respectin’ state weed rules.

In short, Senator James Lankford ain’t feelin’ CBP’s change to let recruits who used weed three months ago join up quicker. He worried ’bout national security and how it might affect law enforcement integrity. Lankford don’t trust CBP’s judgment on this new policy shift and want things back how they were before.

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