All the Mad Ways to Blaze That Herb

All the Mad Ways to Blaze That HerbYo, peep this – cannabis is all the rage these days. Over 85% of the population is down with it in some way or another. It’s like everyone’s coming out of the woodwork to try this green goodness. The legal market is booming, giving all kinds of options for newbies and veterans alike. From smoking to vaping to edibles, there’s something for everyone on this journey.

Smoking and vaping are the OG ways to get lit. Whether you’re puffin’ on a joint or hitting up a bong, it’s a quick way to feel that euphoria kick in. Vaping is like the new kid on the block, just as quick but way more low-key. You can grab disposable vapes or invest in a reusable setup for long-term use.

Edibles are where it’s at for a chill, long-lasting vibe. From brownies to chocolates to soups (yes, even soups), there’s something for every palate. Just be patient – edibles take their sweet time to hit, but when they do, you’re in for a ride that lasts hours. Plus, they’re discreet and easy to carry around.

Gummies are a fan favorite, with almost half of cannabis users having popped one at some point. They’re cute, tiny, and perfect for microdosing or keeping it mellow. Wana Brands even dropped Calm gummies that hit you in under 15 minutes – talk about fast-acting!

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Sublingual options like tinctures and sprays are all about that quick absorption life. Pop one under your tongue and feel that buzz in no time.

Beverages are where it’s at if you’re looking for something refreshing. With beer and liquor companies jumping on the cannabis bandwagon, there’s a whole array of drinks to choose from. Just like edibles, they can take a bit of time to kick in, but once they do, you’ll be feeling good.

Concentrates are for the pros out there. Wax, shatter, dabs – these babies pack a punch with crazy high THC levels. Not for the faint of heart, these can hit you hard and fast.

And let’s not forget about suppositories. Mostly used for medical purposes, these babies can provide quick relief for things like menstrual cramps and pelvic pain.

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So there you have it – a whole world of ways to enjoy the green goodness that is cannabis. Find what works best for you and enjoy the ride!

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