AEF-0117: Big Pharma’s New Way to Get You off that Ganja and Hooked on Their Pills ASAP

AEF-0117: Big Pharma's New Way to Get You off that Ganja and Hooked on Their Pills ASAP

Yo, what’s good, it’s your boy Dan here! Listen up fam, I just gotta tell you about this new drug called “Weed-B-Gone™”. Apparently, if you can’t quit puffin’ that sweet Mary Jane, then this is the thing for you! It’s an experimental drug made by those pharma boys and it targets your CB1 receptors so you won’t feel that high anymore. You know, all that creativity and introspection you feel when you hit that green stuff? Yeah, with this drug, you’ll be back to feeling like a basic dude in no time.

I’m sure some of y’all are laughing at it right now, but pharma is dead serious about this stuff. In fact, they’ve got a new pill called AEF-0117 that they say can help people who are addicted to weed. They’re capitalizing on the huge number of people who smoke weed in the US and want to quit. But here’s the thing, there’s a lotta sketchy stuff behind this drug that makes me wonder if it’s worth it.

First of all, there isn’t even an FDA-approved medication for cannabis-use disorder right now. Why? Cuz the endocannabinoid system is hella important for maintaining homeostasis in the body. There have been drugs before that made people wicked sick cuz of how they messed up the ECS. So if something goes wrong with this new drug they’re developing, it could be seriously bad news bears.

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Now, I know y’all are probably thinking “but Dan, what about those studies they’re doing? Aren’t those promising?” Well yeah, kinda. The study showed that AEF-0117 can reduce the “good effects” of cannabis by up to 38%. But here’s the thing – they only had 29 people in their trial who smoked around 3 grams a week. That’s a pretty low sample size if you ask me. Plus, they’re only targeting weed – what about alcohol? Why aren’t they developing treatments for that too?

More than anything though, it’s the idea behind this drug that really bothers me. They’re trying to “cure” weed addiction, but addiction isn’t just about pills and medicines. It’s not just a physical thing you can cure. Addiction is about the mental and emotional tolls it takes on you. It becomes who you are. If you want to quit, you gotta be ready to face all your demons head-on. You gotta challenge every thought and belief you have about it.

Plus, here’s the real kicker: most cannabis users don’t even develop problematic patterns of use! The majority of people who smoke weed ARE responsible users who don’t need drugs like AEF-0117 to get over their habit. The issue is being stigmatized by people who believe that anyone who smokes weed is an addict.

So listen up fam, if you’re trying to quit smoking weed, don’t rely on some experimental drug to do it for ya. You gotta put in the work yourself and learn how to manage your addictions in healthy ways. Cuz let’s be real, life ain’t better when you’re not having fun.

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