Top 5 Dopest OG Kush Hybrids You Need to Try ASAP

Top 5 Dopest OG Kush Hybrids You Need to Try ASAP

Yo, what’s up? My name’s Dan and I’m here to talk about some OG Kush hybrids that are straight fire. If you’re looking for some strong plants with delicious flavors, look no further. ILGM has got you covered with five kush hybrids that are must-tries.

First up, we got Fire OG (OG Kush x San Fernando Valley OG Kush). This unique plant has light green buds with a golden tinge and a sweet & spicy flavor with hints of wood. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid that’ll give you a high THC-content exceeding 24% in optimal conditions. Take care of her and you’ll be seeing rich harvests of dense, frosty nuggets that hit hard.

Next, we got Godfather OG. This beautiful hybrid combines various OG phenotypes, resulting in a terpene-rich, punch-packing Don of legendary dankness. The complex flavor is so delicious it’ll make your mouth water and the pine tones of OG Kush give it an enticing, intoxicating mix. With THC-content reaching 30%, this powerful high will need some serious smoking experience to handle.

Third on the list is Strawberry Kush (OG Kush x Strawberry Cough). This sweet-tasting fruity flavor will appeal to anyone who’s searching for better tasting weed. You’ll get hints of strawberries, citrus, pine, and even caramel with a mild indica-dominant high and THC-content around 18%. These easy-to-grow plants stay short and branchy, perfect for compact indoor grows.

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Moving on to number four, we got Skywalker Kush (OG Kush x Skywalker). This fantastic indica-dominant hybrid has great production and serious potency. It’s a fitting choice for veteran smokers with a high tolerance. The indica-focused high and 26% THC-content will soothe your whole body. These plants are best suited to moderately experienced growers who can provide plenty of light, nutrients, and water to yield big.

Last but not least, we got Bubba Kush (OG Kush x Unknown Parent). If you like classically dank weed, as in super dense buds dripping in resin, this strain is highly recommended for you. It produces top quality flower with up to 22% THC content that’ll have you feeling couch-lock in no time. The plants are somewhat difficult to grow, but proper TLC will go a long way in ensuring heavy crop volume at harvest time.

As you can see, ILGM has quite the selection for OG Kush lovers. These indica-dominant hybrids have largely relaxing effects and dank flavors, but each individual hybrid has something special that makes them worth checking out for yourself. So get growing now and enjoy your dank stash!

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