9 Bil in Revenue & 2 Bil in L’s – Why the Mary Jane Game Ain’t Payin’ Out for Investors

9 Bil in Revenue & 2 Bil in L's - Why the Mary Jane Game Ain't Payin' Out for InvestorsYo, peep this, my dudes. The cannabis industry out here flexin’ on the revenue game but takin’ Ls when it comes to profits. It’s like business in the front, party in the back, just like that mullet style. Last year, some analysis showed that only one out of twenty big weed companies made any money, while the rest straight up lost $2.3 billion. That’s a fat stack of cash goin’ down the drain, ya feel me?

And check it, the year before that, only two outta twenty-four public cannabis companies were making bank. The rest were in the red for over $4 billion. But hey, at least the losses dropped a bit this year, so there might be some hope on the horizon.

We got some big ballers and some strugglin’ homies in the weed game. Green Thumb Industries from Chi-town was holdin’ it down with a $36.3 million profit on top of a crazy $1.1 billion in sales. That’s some serious cash flow right there. On the flip side, Trulieve Cannabis from Florida took a major hit with a $527 million loss despite makin’ bank with $1.13 billion in sales.

Then you got Curaleaf Holdings from New York with losses of $281.2 million but still leadin’ in revenue with $1.35 billion. These three were the only ones to hit that billion-dollar mark last year.

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But wait, there’s more strugglers in the mix too. Ayr Wellness from Florida lost $272 million, Cresco Labs from Chicago took an L with $180 million down the drain, The Cannabist Co. Holdings from NY reported losses of $174 million, and Verano Holdings from Chi-town had a rough time with losses totaling $113 million.

The industry as a whole is screamin’ for some regulation changes to help them out financially. Biden talkin’ ’bout movin’ weed from Schedule I to Schedule III to ease up on them tax burdens and save some dough in the long run. But who knows when that’s gonna happen.

On top of all that, we got some companies droppin’ off the radar like flies. MedMen Enterprises basically filed for bankruptcy, StateHouse Holdings and Vext Science are slippin’ ’cause they ain’t filed their financial reports yet, and Red White & Bloom Brands reported major losses and debts last year.

Matt Karnes over at GreenWave Advisors said it best – these companies are strugglin’ ’cause it’s mad expensive to operate in an illegal industry like weed is in the U.S. That 280E tax code is hittin’ them hard too.

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But hey, there might be some light at the end of the tunnel. Companies are tryna cut costs and get more efficient with their operations. They’re diversifyin’ their products and markets to stay ahead of the game. It’s all about adaptability and sustainability if they wanna make it in this cutthroat industry.

So yeah, the weed game might never reach its full potential as long as that black market keeps lurkin’. People will always look for cheaper options if prices get too high on the legal side. Plus, regulatory changes and policy shifts can make or break these companies.

In the end, it’s all about survivin’ in this wild west of an industry. Push too hard and you might lose customers to those street deals. Stay smart, stay flexible, and maybe one day we’ll see this industry rise above its struggles and really shine. Peace out, y’all!

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