You Can Blaze Medical Weed, But No Smoking Allowed – SC and FL Conservatives Messing Up with Cannabis Laws

You Can Blaze Medical Weed, But No Smoking Allowed - SC and FL Conservatives Messing Up with Cannabis LawsYo, peep this – South Carolina is tryna get in on that medical marijuana game, but they trippin’ with some wack restrictions. They talkin’ ’bout legalizin’ medical weed, but no smokin’ allowed? That’s just straight up whack and killin’ the vibe for the whole industry.

So, like, was callin’ out Florida for cappin’ THC limits at 10% in their medical marijuana program. But then South Carolina came through and said, “Hold my beer” with even more restrictive rules.

The Senate in South Carolina been goin’ back and forth on this bill to legalize medical weed, but some lawmakers ain’t feelin’ it. Senator Tom Davis is leadin’ the charge, tryna hook up patients with some ganja for specific conditions.

But then you got Senator Greg Hembree hatin’ on the bill, sayin’ it got over 40 changes from a previous version. He’s talkin’ ’bout issues with pharmacists, business integration, and security at weed spots. He thinks it ain’t followin’ the Senate’s original plan.

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Davis ain’t tryna hear it though. He sayin’ the changes he made actually make the bill more conservative. He tryna clear up misunderstandings and make sure everyone on the same page.

They gonna keep talkin’ ’bout this bill next week. Davis plannin’ to break it down and show the diff between this version and the last one that got rejected.

Last week, the Senate couldn’t agree to bring the bill to the floor for debate. But on Tuesday they re-voted and gave it the green light with a 23-13 majority. Now it’s set for review in the 2024 session.

Davis say he tryna make South Carolina’s medical marijuana laws the most conservative in the nation. He want doctors helpin’ patients with weed in a legit way based on science and real medical benefits.

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He think this bill could be a model for other states lookin’ to boost their medical weed laws without goin’ full recreational. It could be a blueprint for states lookin’ to tighten up their medical marijuana game.

The bill basically lets patients cop some weed from legit dispensaries with a doctor’s recommendation. It’s for certain illnesses and chronic diseases where opioids are usually prescribed.

During the talks last week, they added an amendment sayin’ landlords don’t gotta let people vape weed on their property.

And there’s like nine more changes they still gotta figure out.

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Here’s what this bill is all about:

– Patients with serious conditions can get medical weed recommendations
– Weed businesses would be watched by state health officials
– No one person or company can own more than 5% of a business
– There’d be a board to review which conditions qualify for medical weed
– No tax on medical weed sales
– No smokin’ or growin’ your own weed allowed
– The bill would expire after eight years unless lawmakers decide to keep it goin’

There’s rules for how much weed patients can buy, how it’s packaged, who can use it, who can sell it, and how local governments can regulate it.

Overall, this bill is tryna walk a fine line between helpin’ patients get what they need and makin’ sure things don’t get too outta control. It’s still got some hurdles in front of it, but it shows how complex these discussions around weed laws can get.

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So basically, South Carolina is tryna make moves in the medical marijuana world, but they might need to ease up on some of these strict rules if they wanna see real economic growth in the industry. It’s all part of a bigger conversation happenin’ across the country about how we handle cannabis laws.

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