Yo, What’s the THC Level in a Dab, Bowl, and a Joint? (Breakin’ it Down)

Yo, What's the THC Level in a Dab, Bowl, and a Joint? (Breakin' it Down)

Yo, what’s good my fellow smokers? If you’re looking to get lifted, you gotta know how much THC you’re consuming. That’s the psychoactive compound in weed that gets you high, for those of you who don’t know. There are a bunch of ways to smoke weed, but if you’re a real G you’ve probably already heard about dabbing. It’s basically when you smoke concentrates instead of flower. But yo, this shit is way stronger than smoking a joint or bowl, so you gotta be careful with your dosage.

The thing is, it’s tough to figure out how much THC is in your dab because it depends on a lot of factors. The concentrates like wax or shatter usually have at least 70% THC in them, but some can have over 90% (damn!). When you take a hit from a dab, you could lose up to one-third of it from vaporizing. So let’s say you take a 0.5 g dab with 70% THC – that’s about 350 mg of THC. But if you lost a third of it, you’d end up with around 235 mg per hit (if you can handle it).

But yo, let me remind you that everyone’s different. Your lung capacity, weight, and overall health all affect how much THC you should take. You don’t wanna be that dude who freaks out and ends up in the hospital. Plus, if you’re new to dabbing, start small and work your way up.

Now, onto bowls. The amount of THC in your bowl depends on how big it is and the potency of the strain. A regular-sized bowl holds about 0.25 g of weed. Let’s say you got some good shit with 18% THC – that’s around 180mg per gram. Some experts think that up to 60% of the THC gets lost during combustion, so let’s say you only end up with around 18 mg per hit.

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But yo again, this all depends on how tightly you pack your bowl and how big it is. You gotta experiment and see what works for you.

Last but not least, joints. Figuring out how much THC is in a joint is just as complicated as bowls and dabs. You gotta consider the potency of the weed, how much gets lost during combustion, and even the size of the joint itself.

According to some studies, anywhere between 40% and 50% of THC gets lost when smoking a joint (less than a bowl but more than a dab). So if you roll a joint with weed that’s 20% THC, that’s about 200mg per gram – but if only 40% gets into your system, that’s around 120mg per joint.

But yo again again, there are plenty of factors involved here. The size of the joint can vary (some people roll fat-ass ones), and the first half won’t be as strong as the second half since THC condenses towards the end.

So let’s break it down one more time:

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Dabs: Most potent way to smoke concentrates since they can have up to over 90% THC

Bowls: About 18mg per hit if you smoke flower

Joints: Around 120mg per gram if only 40% gets into your system

Just remember y’all – start small and work your way up depending on your tolerance level. And always be aware of how much THC you’re consuming so you don’t end up freaking out like a noob. Happy smoking!

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