Yo, What’s the Deal with Haze Weed?

Yo, What's the Deal with Haze Weed?

Yo what’s good, it’s your boy Dan and today we’re talking about Haze cannabis. This strain is straight fire, no lie. It’s one of the most potent strains out there and it’ll have you feeling euphoric and tripping in no time, but you can still get up and move around.

Haze strains are really popular among smokers all around the world because they give you an energetic head high that won’t have you stuck to the couch. Plus, the smell is straight up amazing with hints of spicy, sweet, fruity, earthy, and woody notes.

But let me tell you, growing this strain ain’t easy. It’s picky and demands attention to detail. If you’re new to growing or don’t have the patience to wait for 16 weeks for the plants to mature, then this might not be the strain for you. But don’t trip, if you can handle the hassle then you’ll be rewarded with some of the best cannabis out there.

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Now let’s get into the history of Haze strains. This strain family goes way back to the 60s and 70s on the West Coast of the US. The two growers in Santa Cruz, California who created the first Hazes were known as the “Haze Brothers”. They weren’t trying to create a specific strain at first, but by chance they hybridized some seeds they had laying around and boom – Haze was born.

The exact genetics behind Haze aren’t known for sure, it’s all speculation. Many different breeds of cannabis were coming into Cali at that time so it’s possible that Hazes were a cross between Columbian Gold and Thai landraces or a mix of Acapulco Gold and Indian landraces or maybe even all of them.

The story goes that Hazes went almost extinct at one point because growers found them difficult to manage and the strains took a long time to flower. But then, somehow, Haze seeds made their way to Europe. No one knows exactly how it happened, but some think it was through the legendary breeder Nevil Schoenmakers or Sam “The Skunkman” who may have gotten seeds from the Haze Brothers.

Since then, Hazes have become really popular in Europe and new hybrids have been created using Haze genetics. Some of those hybrids still have the original genetics or come really close, while others add a new twist to the classic strain.

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At ILGM theyve’ve got some of the best Haze strains around. Check out their Super Silver Haze, Blue Haze, Amnesia Haze, Pineapple Haze, and Super Lemon Haze. These strains are legit and they’ll have you feeling all kinds of ways with their amazing flavors and uplifting effects.

So that’s the scoop on Haze cannabis, y’all. It’s a classic strain with some serious history and it’s still going strong today. If you’re looking for something that’ll have you feeling good without knocking you out, then definitely give Haze a try. Peace out!

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