Yo, is weed legal in Puerto Rico? – Peep This

Yo, is weed legal in Puerto Rico? - Peep This

Yo, what’s good? It’s ya boy Dan and let me tell you about the weed scene down in Puerto Rico. This Caribbean island is straight up heaven on earth with all its pristine beaches, dope food, rich history, and chill vibes. But before you start dreaming about sparking one up on the sand, you gotta know: is weed legal in Puerto Rico?

Here’s the deal: medical marijuana is legal in Puerto Rico, but recreational use is still illegal. You can’t just be toking up wherever you want in public, and growing your own stash is a no-go too. Edibles are cool though, so if you’re more into eating than smoking, you’re good to go.

The history of cannabis legislation on the island goes way back to the early 1900s when the government started cracking down on pot. In 1932, they passed Act 12 which banned the sale and cultivation of weed. Then in 1934, Act 61 declared marijuana a narcotic substance to keep in line with the Uniform State Narcotic Drug act. For years, weed was stigmatized and criminalized until legislative members proposed decriminalizing it in 2013, but it didn’t pass.

Finally, in 2015, Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla signed an executive order to legalize medical cannabis. The Medicinal Act was passed later in July 2017 to provide a legal framework for medical marijuana. The Department of Health now regulates Puerto Rico’s medical marijuana program.

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So if you’re looking to get your hands on some medicinal herb, here’s how you can get a medical marijuana card in Puerto Rico. First, you gotta get a recommendation from an authorized doctor through the registration platform. Then open an account and fill out your deets on the form. Make sure you attach a passport-sized photo and check that all your documents are good to go. You’ll be limited to one dispensary, so choose wisely.

But hold up, getting a medical card in Puerto Rico isn’t as easy as it seems. According to an article in High Times, more than 4000 medical marijuana patients in Puerto Rico and over 7000 areas are still waiting for their cards. Plus, the cost of medical cannabis in dispensaries is super high, like higher than a kite high. So yeah, there are some issues that need to be addressed.

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of weed laws in Puerto Rico. Possession of any amount of weed is illegal, even for medical marijuana patients who can only keep a 30-day supply. It’s a felony with punishments of 2-4 years of prison and a $5000 fine for the first offense. If you get caught again, the jail time bumps up to 4-10 years with the same fine.

Selling and distribution of any amount of weed is not allowed and is also a felony. The penalties are no joke; selling any amount can land you in jail for five to 20 years with a $20,000 fine. Selling to minors (under 18) can get you imprisoned for 10-48 years with a $40,000 fine. Don’t even think about it!

And forget about growing your own weed, home cultivation or industrial cultivation is not permitted and is also a felony with harsh punishments.

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But let’s be real, if you’re trying to find weed in Puerto Rico, you ain’t gonna have too much trouble. Just don’t be smoking out in public unless you want to end up behind bars. Be smart and befriend a local who’ll guide you to the head shop or wherever you can get some good bud. Retail shops, bars, and clubs are all good spots too, just watch out for dealers selling other hard drugs alongside weed.

And that’s it! If you’re planning a trip to Puerto Rico, remember to respect the laws and enjoy the island’s other amazing offerings. Stay safe, stay chill, and stay lifted. Peace!

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