Yo, is Austria chillin’ with the green or what? (Peep This)

Yo, is Austria chillin' with the green or what? (Peep This)

Yo, what’s poppin’? It’s your boy Dan here, and I’m about to give you the lowdown on Austria. Now, this country is straight-up beautiful and full of the best nature you’ve ever seen. But let me tell you, if you’re into getting high, you’re probably wondering if they’re chill with weed in Austria. Well, let me break it down for you with their cannabis laws.

First off, Austria is a dope place to visit or even live because of its natural beauty. But if you’re trying to get lit, just know that the country is pretty cool when it comes to weed. Medical marijuana and cannabis for research purposes are legal. Recreational cannabis is a no-go when it comes to buying, selling, or using it. However, Austria decriminalized marijuana for personal use.

Now, I know that can be confusing as hell. So let me give you all the deets on these complex laws.

History of Cannabis Laws in Austria

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The laws in Austria are complex, bro. It’s hard to tell whether weed is legal or not because of the legal loopholes. Weed’s current status in Austria is as follows:

Medical Cannabis: Legal

Recreational Cannabis: Partially Legal (legal for personal use in small amounts)

Selling weed plants and seeds are legal. At the same time, the law allows weed cultivation for scientific research and medical purposes only.

But don’t think everything is all good, man. Smoking weed is still illegal, and possessing or using a few amounts of weed is legal in Austria.

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So what’s the history behind these laws?

Austrian Cannabis Laws came into play in 1998 when they joined the EU as part of the Narcotic substances act. In 2008, Cannabis cultivation got legalized for research and medical purposes only. However, the THC content allowed to be maintained by nearly 0.3%. The law allowed Sativex, Dronabinol, and Nabinol use under registered practitioners.

In 2016, recreational use of marijuana became outlawed as a criminal offense. That means possession of a few grams or using weed for self remained out of criminal statute since then.

Penalties for Possession

Although possession of cannabis was decriminalized since 2016, there are still strict rules:

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Possession of up to 20 gms of THC(Pure) or 40 gms of THCA will lead to up to six months in prison sentence, a fine or sometimes both.

If you have more than the amount mentioned above, you’ll get one year prison sentence with a heavy fine.

If you have an extraordinarily large amount of weed, you might see a jail sentence of three years if you’re involved in drug trafficking.

Penalties for Selling Weed

Selling or supplying marijuana is a serious offense that carries even harsher punishments:

If caught with large quantities like 15 times more than the threshold amount declared by health authorities; law considers you as a drug trafficker.

If the amount of weed exceeds the threshold limits mentioned above or in his possession is large then he may face:

Up to three years imprisonment depending on his drug type

Up to five years jail term for importing drugs

Or one to ten years, ten to twenty years or even life imprisonment (if he’s found working for a drug gang or has previous records of being involved in large drug trafficking in aggravating circumstances).

Penalties for Cultivation

Cultivation of medicinal cannabis plants and for research purposes were legalized when The Narcotic Substances Act was amended in 2008. However, if plants have well-grown flowers and seed heads indicating active substances’ presence- cultivation becomes illegal.

Medical Marijuana in Austria

Since 2008 growing medicinal cannabis has been legal in Austria. You can buy seeds and grow plants under Austrian authorities’ Health Ministry guidelines. However:

Medical cannabis is strictly for medical and research purposes only.

A person can avail medical benefits only with recommended prescriptions by registered practitioners.

A doctor can prescribe marijuana help only if the patient is suffering from multiple sclerosis, AIDS/HIV, cancer or after chemotherapy treatment, nerve problems, epilepsy, depression or uncontrolled chronic pain.

CBD Laws

Laws for CBD are confusing since CBD was legal till 2018 when the Austrian government revised its laws making edibles illegal now.


Surprisingly cannabis seeds can be sent through mail within Austria but not CBD products.

Hemp Industry

Despite severe criminal charges on personal possession while exceeding small quantities and CBD ban – Austria’s hemp industry is flourishing well compared to other European countries.

Cannabis Culture

People want cannabis legalization completely for medical purposes while some disagree with legalizing addictive substances but want marijuana reform like other European countries.

FAQs: Is Weed Legal in Austria?

You might ask:

What are the famous events on cannabis in Austria?

Wiener Hanfmesse: An expo showcasing recent developments made in the cannabis industry.

Cultiva Hanfmesse: To showcase recent developments made in the medical world of Cannabis

Hemp Festival: A festival depicting new cannabis products with live music performances.


Weed is becoming a part of medication and examination in Europe. Austria has confounded rules and guidelines about marijuana that must be considered before smoking any there. Make sure you have all the necessary information about regulations regarding weed when visiting this beautiful country!

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