Yo, Here’s How to Take Your Indoor Ganja Plants Outside Like a Boss!

Yo, Here's How to Take Your Indoor Ganja Plants Outside Like a Boss!

Yo, what up fellow growers? Dan here with some dope tips for all my homies looking to move their indoor cannabis plants outside. Whether you want to give them a head start, battle pests, or just get some natural sunlight for better lighting, I got you covered. Keep reading to learn how to do it safely and avoid stressing your plants.

Why Bother Moving Your Indoor Cannabis Plants Outside?

There are a bunch of reasons why you might want to move your indoor plants outside. Maybe you live in an area with a short growing season and want to give your plants some extra veg time. Or maybe you’re dealing with a pest problem and need to disinfect your grow room. Whatever the reason, moving your plants outdoors can be a game-changer.

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When to Move Cannabis Plants Outdoors

Timing is everything when it comes to moving your indoor cannabis plants outside. You don’t want to stress them out by exposing them to inconsistent light hours that could cause immature flowering or other problems. The best time to bring your vegging plants outside is just after the spring equinox (March in the Northern Hemisphere, September in the Southern Hemisphere), when daylight hours are already pretty long. For flowering plants, you’ll want to do it after the summer solstice (June in the Northern Hemisphere, December in the Southern Hemisphere).

How to Move Indoor Cannabis Plants Outdoors

Here are some tips for safely moving your indoor cannabis plants outdoors in different scenarios:

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Scenario 1: How to Move Indoor Plants Outdoors to Continue Vegging

If you want to move your vegging plants outdoors, make sure they don’t suddenly receive fewer light hours than they’re used to. Here’s how:

1. Pick the Right Time: Move your plants outside just after the spring equinox when daylight hours are at their longest.

2. Monitor Daylight Hours: Make sure your plants will get at least 14 hours of daylight by checking the time the sun rises and sets in your area.

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3. Prepare Your Plants: Gradually reduce their light hours indoors for 1-2 weeks until they’re on a similar cycle as they’ll get outdoors.

Scenario 2: How to Bring Indoor Plants Outdoors to Flower

If you’re bringing your indoor plants outside to flower, make sure they’re exposed to sufficient darkness without drastic changes in their light cycle:

1. Monitor Daylight: Check how many daylight hours your plants need for flowering (12-14).

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2. Prepare Plants for New Light Cycle: Gradually decrease their daylight hours indoors for at least one week.

3. Move Your Plants Outdoors: Wait until the number of light hours they’re getting indoors matches those they’ll get outdoors.

4. Ensure Correct Daylight Hours: Never move flowering plants outdoors if their daylight hours will be higher than in your grow room.

Scenario 3: How to Move Cannabis Plants Outdoors Part-Time

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If you only want to move your plants outside temporarily, make sure they don’t get shocked by strong UV rays:

1. Acclimatise Your Plants: Start by moving them into partial shade for 2-4 days.

2. Slowly Expose Them to More Sun: Gradually increase their direct sunlight exposure over five days.

3. Check on Plants and Maintain as Necessary: Keep an eye out for stress or pests and protect them from wind and rain.

4. Keep Consistent: Give them the same amount of light hours consistently.

What Are the Risks of Moving Indoor Cannabis Plants Outside?

Moving your indoor cannabis plants outside comes with some risks, but as long as you follow these tips, you should be good:

– Immature Flowering: If they’re exposed to short enough daylight hours, photoperiod indoor plants will start flowering.

– Reverting Back to Veg: Flowering photoperiod strains can revert back if exposed to long enough daylight hours.

– Pests and Plagues: There’s no foolproof way to protect against pests and pathogens outdoors.

– Environmental Stressors: Strong winds, high temperatures, UV rays, and thunderstorms can all stress out your plants.

The Key to Safely Moving Your Indoor Cannabis Plants Outdoors

If you follow these tips, you should be able to move your indoor cannabis plants outdoors without stressing them out too much. Remember that timing is everything and make sure not to expose them suddenly to drastic changes in their light cycle or environment. Got any tips or experiences of your own? Share them below!

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