Pickin’ the Best Indoor Strain – A Guide

Pickin' the Best Indoor Strain - A Guide

Yo, what up fellow growers! It’s your boy Dan here, and today we’re gonna talk about how to choose the perfect strain for growing indoors. Choosing a strain is crucial because it determines how much weed you’re gonna harvest, how it’s gonna taste, and how long it’s gonna take to grow. So listen up and take notes, homies!

First things first, space is a major factor when growing indoors. Unless you got a whole room to yourself, you gotta be strategic with your strain selection. You don’t wanna grow a strain that’s gonna take up all your space and leave you with no room to move. Sativa strains are known for being tall and lanky, while indica strains are bushy and take up less space. So if you’re limited on space, go for an indica-dominant hybrid or an autoflowering strain.

Speaking of autoflowers, these babies are perfect for indoor growers who wanna keep things low-key. They’re small in stature and have a short flowering time, which means you can grow them in small spaces like boxes or buckets. Plus, they’re easy to conceal with a carbon filter. If you’re living in an area with strict prohibition laws, autoflowers are the way to go.

Now let’s talk about speed and yield. These two factors are usually negatively correlated, meaning the faster a strain grows, the less yield it produces. Autoflowers have a fast growth cycle but provide smaller yields, while sativa-dominant strains take longer to flower but can produce over 1kg of buds per plant. If you’re living in a legal area where you have all the time in the world to grow your plants, go for a high-yielding sativa strain. But if you wanna get things done quickly, go for an autoflower or an indica-dominant hybrid.

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The smell and taste of weed is what makes it so damn good. But not all strains have the same terpene profile – some are fruity, some are floral, some are earthy. Before you buy seeds, research the terpene profile of the strain to make sure it matches your preferences. If you want something sweet and fruity, try Strawberry Cough. If you want something rich and chocolatey, try Chocolope.

Now here’s a question that many growers ask – can you mix different strains in the same grow? The answer is yes! But be careful because different strains have different heights and growth patterns. Make sure you choose strains that have similar heights and flowering times so that one plant doesn’t overshadow the others.

Alright homies, that’s all I got for ya right now. Remember to choose your strain wisely and commit to the cause. Peace out!

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