Yo, Does CBD Neutralize tha Effects of THC? Recent Studies Puttin’ Doubts on a Basic Assumption.

Yo, Does CBD Neutralize tha Effects of THC? Recent Studies Puttin' Doubts on a Basic Assumption.

Ay yo, what’s good? Lately, there’s been a debate on tha block about whether CBD can really reduce the effects of THC. Y’all know you can’t just trust what you hear on tha street, so let’s look at the facts and see if CBD is really a way to bring ya high down a notch.

Back in tha day, folks used to think that CBD could lessen tha psychoactive effects of THC – some might even say that smokin somethin with CBD in it can give ya a milder high. Some studies have come out backin’ up that claim, but recently, two studies have put this idea in doubt.

Gettin’ into tha specifics, an old study from 1982 said that CBD can help control paranoia and anxiety caused by THC. Then, a 2010 study suggested that CBD and THC have opposite effects, and that CBD can reduce paranoia from THC. In 2013, a review of almost 1,300 studies said that there was evidence to back up the idea of CBD protectin’ against the negative effects of THC.

But a couple of more recent studies have been sayin’ somethin’ different. In Nov. of last year, a test was done with a variety of ratios between CBD and THC (from 0:1 to 3:1) and no difference was found in the effects. Then earlier this month, another UK study was done with teens and adults vaporizin’ cbd and thc separately as well as together and found no difference. The authors concluded that their results added weight to the idea that doses of vaporized CBD couldn’t mitigate the harms of THC – meanin’ it doesn’t bring ya high down at all.

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So what should cannabis consumers take away from all this? Basically, don’t buy products with CBD thinkin’ it’ll be less potent or temper the effects of THC – it looks like that might not be true. ‘Course, since cannabis research is still so new, it’s hard to say for sure whether this is set in stone or just another bump in tha road. More research needs to be done before we know for sure whether or not there’s really an effect here.

Plus, everybody responds to weed differently – one person could get real high off one hit while another person barely feels it. It’s tough to clearly delineate the effects of CBD and THC since they work together with all tha other compounds in cannabis plant to create a high – an effect known as the entourage effect that we still don’t know enough about yet.

CBD has proved itself to be pretty useful in treatin’ seizures and epilepsy in children, but its other medical benefits or its ability to reduce tha effects of THC still seem inconclusive at this point. For now, ya best bet is just keepin’ track of how weed affects you personally so ya can better understand your own body chemistry when it comes to cannabis consumption.

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