Yo, can you blaze up in Greece or nah? Check the rules before you trip, fam

Yo, can you blaze up in Greece or nah? Check the rules before you trip, fam.

Yo yo yo, what’s up world, it’s ya boy Dan, and today we’re talking about weed in Greece. So, is it legal or what? Well, the answer is partially. The Greek government has taken steps to legalize cannabis for medical use, but recreational use is still a no-go.

Now, the Greeks have been using hemp for clothing and other products for centuries, but in the 1890s, they outlawed cannabis in all forms. However, during the Greko-Turkey War and World War I, soldiers and citizens in Turkey started using weed to help with chronic pain and depression. And when Greek soldiers and people returned from Turkey after the wars, they brought the culture of hashish and weed with them.

Fast forward to 2015, when hundreds of people participated in a protest in Athens demanding the legalization of marijuana. And in 2017, the Greek government made medical cannabis legal for prescription use only. The following year they legalized cannabis production and cultivation, but only pharmaceutical companies are allowed to grow it.

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So if you’re a Greek resident or planning a visit, what can you expect when it comes to buying seeds and growing your own plants? Well, first of all, possession of any type of cannabis other than prescribed medical marijuana is illegal. And penalties for using or trafficking drugs are severe, including long jail sentences and heavy fines.

While Greek police may not always arrest someone caught with unprescribed cannabis, those with a previous criminal record could face jail time. However, the minimum sentence for possession of marijuana was recently reduced to five months.

If you’re looking for weed in Greece, Athens is apparently a good place to start. But be careful – smoking in public is a no-no, and tourists risk being arrested if caught using or possessing marijuana.

As for growing your own plants, industrial cultivation is legal for those with permits and businesses. But growing for personal use is still prohibited. In terms of cost, fine weed goes for around 10-12 euros per gram.

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So there you have it – an overview of weed in Greece. While progress has been made in terms of legalizing medicinal marijuana and allowing production by pharmaceutical companies, recreational use remains illegal. So if you’re planning a trip to Greece or living there already, stay informed and abide by the laws. Be smart and stay safe out there!

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