Yo, 4/20 weed sales prove consumers got mad industry potential

Yo, 4/20 weed sales prove consumers got mad industry potential

Yo, what’s good fam? It’s Dan and let me tell you about the cannabis industry – some say it’s all doom and gloom. Our boy Biden ain’t letting any legalization move forward even though he promised he would. And to make matters worse, Cali, NY and other states are taxing the legal stuff so much that people are turning to the black market for their fix. Plus, there’s a whole bunch of cheap product flooding the market and some companies are just plain whack. So yeah, the industry has lost some of its shine.

But hold up, there’s still hope! When you peel back all that BS, you see that there’s a crazy demand for weed that just keeps growing each year. 4/20 is like the holy day of cannabis sales and this year was wild! Headset reported over $100 million in transactions and at one point sales were hitting $160k per minute. That’s dope, right? Check out this video mapping sales across the U.S.

From Maine to Nevada, retailers were hustling with sales and owners were feeling hella good about it. Even product companies were getting a piece of the pie. And with July 4th and Memorial Day weekend coming up, we got high hopes for those too!

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The Green Market Report, which is like the go-to spot for all things cannabis business, shared that Jane Technologies said 4/20 sales in 2023 increased by 9.7% over last year, coming in at an estimated $26 million. Damn son! Here’s what was selling like hotcakes:

– Flower: $10,346,361

– Vape: $6,623,246

– Edible: $3,128,225

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– Extract: $2,028,396

– Preroll: $1,873,570

Now keep in mind, these numbers are only for legal tracked sales. They don’t even include all the black market stuff – like those hundreds of unlicensed shops in NYC. You know what I’m saying?

But here’s the thing, if the government would just get their act together and legalize this stuff already, we could have a whole ‘nother economic boom on our hands. Think about it – we get some right-sized taxes, jobs and small businesses. And we start closing the door on them shady players. It’s a win-win situation for everyone, ya feel me?

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But for now, let’s focus on the real winner – the customer. We got our weed and we’re feeling good. Cheers to that!

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