Wisconsin Supremes Say Weed Smell Gives ‘Em Probable Cause to Search

Wisconsin Supremes Say Weed Smell Gives 'Em Probable Cause to Search

Yo, it’s ya boy Dan, and let me tell you about some wild sh*t that went down in Wisconsin. So, the Supreme Court just ruled that if the cops smell weed on you or in your car, they can search that sh*t without a warrant. Even if you ain’t got no actual marijuana on you, they can still search you for other drugs. Crazy, right?

The court was all conservative about it, with four judges in favor of the ruling and three against. The cops pulled over Quaheem Moore for speeding a couple of years back and said they smelled some dank-ass weed coming from his car. When they searched him after finding out his belt buckle was off and he had stuff in his pants, they found fentanyl and cocaine. They didn’t even charge him for weed, but they still got him on those other charges.

Moore’s lawyers tried to argue that the cops couldn’t search him because they didn’t have enough probable cause. They said it could have been CBD or hemp that smelled like weed, but the court didn’t wanna hear that sh*t. They said since Moore was the only one in the car when they smelled weed, it was reasonable to assume that he was involved in some illegal activity. Plus, there was already a Supreme Court decision from back in 1999 allowing cops to arrest people based on the smell of weed alone.

But some of the judges were like, “Hold up, this ain’t cool.” They don’t think the 1999 decision is relevant anymore since CBD and hemp are legal now. Justice Rebecca Frank Dallet even wrote a whole thing about how cops could be smelling hemp instead of weed and not even realize it.

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Moore’s lawyer thinks this ruling could lead to more people getting arrested for nothing. He says cops might be using their noses as an excuse to do whatever they want without having to get a warrant first. That ain’t right, fam. We gotta stay woke and make sure our rights are protected.

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