Why CRC Got That Good Good BHO?

Why CRC Got That Good Good BHO?

Yo, what’s good? It’s ya boy Dan, and today we’re talking about some next-level tech that’s improving the BHO extraction game. We’re talking about colour remediation column (CRC), a fancy piece of kit that takes the removal of solvent residues and unwanted plant constituents to a whole new level. And let me tell you, the end result is some fire BHO that’s golden, translucent, smooth as hell, and packed with THC and terps.

Now, you might be wondering what BHO even is. Well, back in ’99, someone posted on Erowid (ya know, that forum all about psychoactive substances) about how to make butane hash oil (BHO). And since then, it’s become a popular way for cannabis users to get their fix. The process involves packing a BHO extractor tube with weed and filling it with butane gas which acts as a solvent to extract all those precious cannabinoids and terps from the flower. But here’s where things can get dangerous: you gotta “purge” the crude extract to remove the solvent, but doing it in an open-loop system means you’re releasing flammable gas into the air. That’s why some companies have switched to closed-loop systems that recapture the butane.

But even if you’re using a closed-loop system, there are still some problems with BHO. For one, if you’re not careful, purging in an open-loop system can be a serious fire hazard. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up with impure BHO that’s full of unwanted plant material and chemical residues.

That’s where CRC comes in. This advanced process removes contaminants from BHO and makes it look much more appealing with its bright golden-yellow hue. Plus, it prevents contamination at the hands of solvents by filtering out all traces of them. The CRC column contains layers of filters made from materials like bentonite clay and silica gel that capture all the undesirable stuff while letting through the good stuff.

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The best part? CRC creates extracts that are not only visually stunning but also pure as hell. By removing all that unnecessary plant material, you’re left with an extract that has improved taste and effects. And in legal regions where companies are using CRC, customer satisfaction is on the rise.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: what are the downsides? Well, in a commercial setting, there aren’t really any downsides. But if you’re an artisan maker trying to incorporate CRC into your open-loop DIY system, it’s gonna take some effort and investment.

Overall, CRC is changing the game when it comes to BHO extraction. It’s making products safer and more appealing to the eye while delivering some seriously potent hits of THC and terps. So if you’re looking for some fire BHO that won’t harm your lungs or your home, look no further than CRC-extracted extracts.

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