Why Bongs Be Rockin’ Different Shapes, Yo

Why Bongs Be Rockin' Different Shapes, Yo

Yo, what’s good, fellow smokers? This is Dan, coming at you with some knowledge about bongs. Have you ever wondered why bongs come in different shapes? Well, it turns out each bong has its own set of advantages and drawbacks compared to others. So whether you’re balling out or on a budget, there’s a bong for everyone.

I know when I hit up my local headshop, I always stare in awe at the bongs on offer. Some look like they belong in a science lab or like they were made by aliens. But have you ever wondered why they all look so different? Sure, creative expression is one factor, but do the different shapes work differently from each other? As it turns out, they do. So let’s break it down.


This one is as simple as the name suggests. It’s just a streamlined tube sealed off at the bottom so it can stand, a stem, and a bowl popping up on the side. It’s perfect for beginners because it’s easy to use and easy to clean – just pour enough water into the tube to submerge the downstem, put your ground-up weed in the bowl, and light it while inhaling slowly from the tube. Pull the bowl out when you’re ready to take the hit.

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The beaker is perhaps one of the most iconic bong designs out there. It works similarly to the straight tube, but with the added aesthetic difference of a wide, beaker-like base. You’ll need more water to prepare this bong, but once you do, it can be a reliable regular-use piece. The wide base means it can sit on your table without being at major risk of knocking over. Since it functions similarly to the straight tube, it’s almost better for beginners. Plus, it’s safer since those with a lower tolerance are likely to get too high and clumsy.


This one has a spherical bottom end that falls between the straight tube and the beaker in terms of stability. It works similarly to the first two but has a slight advantage in portability.


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This is where things start to get fancy. Multi-chamber bongs have at least two separate chambers connected by a central tube and utilise a water chamber and percolator to filter smoke through two filtration stages. Once it gets to you, the hit is smoother than any you’ll get from the first three bongs. These are great for regular smokers who want to enjoy the finer flourishes that bongs have to offer – just be warned they’re pricier than the standard shapes.


A percolator bong has an abstract jellyfish-like part inside that dissipates smoke before it hits the water and creates a bubbling effect. The smoke is cooled down greatly during this process, resulting in an incredibly smooth hit. Certain bongs contain multiple percolators for an ultra-filtered smoking experience.


The bubbler is probably one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to enjoy the benefits of a bong whilst still being portable like a pipe. Although they are smaller than traditional bongs so may not be as smooth as other options.

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Ceramic bongs can take many different forms and designs and are usually more detailed and ornate than glass or acrylic ones making them popular centrepieces. Although they may not hit smoother than other materials but cost more due to design nuances

So which should you choose? Well, it depends on your budget and smoking habits! If you get lifted occasionally, then straight tubes, beakers, round bases or bubblers are all great choices. Glass bongs hit nicer but acrylic is more durable and far cheaper.

Multi-chamber and percolator bongs are great for regular smokers who want something extra special but will cost more due to extra chambers and complex designs.

Those seeking an on-the-go option should go for bubbler or straight tube bongs that can withstand wear and tear.

So now that you know all about different bong shapes, go forth and choose your perfect match! And don’t forget to stock up on snacks because we all know how important those are during a smoking session. Peace out!

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