Top Strains for Resisting Mold on That Loud

Top Strains for Resisting Mold on That Loud

Yo, what up, it’s your boy Dan. A lot of growers out here think it’s impossible to produce dope strains in cold and wet climates. They gotta pull out plants early and blame it on the weather, which means less yield and wack buds that can’t even sell.

And don’t even get me started on the mold, pests, and mildew that can ruin a crop. Outdoor growers especially gotta deal with that weak late-season sun that just traps moisture and creates a breeding ground for all these problems. Even indoor growers gotta be careful with air circulation or risk losing their crops.

But don’t trip, my peeps. There are some badass strains out there that can thrive in any weather, even the toughest conditions. Check out these top 10 mold-resistant strains that’ll have you lit, whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors.

First up, we got Wild Thailand. This pure Sativa hybrid has been bred by Thai farmers to be super resilient and stable. It flowers quick and produces tons of buds with a strong citrus flavor that’ll have you feeling like you’re on a trip to Thailand. Indoor growers can expect up to 300 grams per square meter in just 75-90 days, while outdoor plants can yield up to 500 grams each by November.

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Next, we got Purple Haze. This Sativa-dominant strain is easy enough for even new growers to handle, with solid genetics that date back to the sixties. The buds grow heavy on sturdy branches and give off a berry aroma with hints of spice and pine. With enough room and attention, you can get up to four kilograms of yield from this strain in just 9 weeks.

Purple Kush is pure indica strain that’s surprisingly resistant to mold and pests. It grows in a squat manner and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, yielding up to 800 grams of dense and purple bud per plant. It’s versatile enough to be grown in any environment as long as you give it the right amount of water. The finished product sports dark purple colors, making for superb bag appeal.

Blue Dream is a California classic that’s great for growers who want to maximize yield without sacrificing quality. It can thrive in both cold and hot climates and produces up to 700 grams per plant when grown optimally. The buds gain shades of blue when matured after 9-12 weeks of flowering. Blue Dream’s flowers resist mold to an excellent degree in all but the wettest climates.

Colombian Gold is a Sativa-dominant hybrid bred from a strain found in the mountains of Colombia. It grows tall and vigorous with many side branches that are resistant to mold, pests, and mildew. You can expect up to 600 grams per plant after 11-13 weeks of flowering, making it worth the wait.

Durban Poison is mostly Indica genetics that can grow well in any setup, even higher latitudes during summer season. It yields about 500 grams per plant outdoors and takes only about 9 weeks of flowering time indoors. Its effects are great for relieving anxiety, depression, stress, chronic pains without giving into couch-locking.

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Northern Lights has pure Indica content that offers an extremely body high experience. It’s also highly resistant to mold and doesn’t need much attention while flowering. Growers can expect up to 600 grams per plant after just 8 weeks of flowering time.

Super Silver Haze gives off an uplifting effect with sweet flavor accompanied by high resistance against molds. The buds grow large but require structural support for stability while growing tall, which results in a yield of about 550 grams each after flowering for about 9-11 weeks.

Moby Dick is a great choice for humid regions because of its resistance against molds and gives off fragrance of peppermint as it grows healthy very quickly. Growers will love the harvest they receive as each plant could yield up to around 700 grams after taking about 7-8 weeks of cultivation time.

Pineapple Chunk is an easy-to-cultivate Sativa dominant strain that gives off fruity skunky taste after flowering for about 8-9 weeks when it produces up to an amazing yield of around 650 grams each plant! Remember though the THC content is very high so use caution when consuming its potent cerebral effects.

So there you have it fam, these mold-resistant strains are just what you need for successful cultivation no matter where you live or what the weather’s like outside! You can find these cannabis seeds online at ILGM and several other cannabis seed banks, so go ahead and get lit!

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