Which Dem Prez Hopeful Gonna Make Weed Legit? RFK Jr Could Be the Dopest Savior for the Cannabis Game

Which Dem Prez Hopeful Gonna Make Weed Legit? RFK Jr Could Be the Dopest Savior for the Cannabis Game

Yo, yo, yo! Check it out, fam! We got Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a bigshot contender for the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination, talking about legalizing weed and psychedelics if he wins that thang. And get this, he wants to tax the hell out of those substances and use the dough to set up some “healing centers.” That’s right, y’all! Places where peeps recovering from addiction can get their hands dirty and do some organic farming as a way to heal. Oh, and he’s also all about making it easier for the cannabis industry to get banking services. It’s like a whole new vibe up in here!

Now, let me break it down for y’all. At first, we weren’t sure where RFK Jr. stood on drug policy reform when he first hopped into the race. But now we know, and let me tell you, his ideas are hella progressive. He’s out here promoting policies that go way beyond what President Joe Biden is doin’. He’s takin’ things to a whole new level, ya feel me?

So, my man Kennedy is all about legalizing psychedelics and Mary Jane for healing and recovery purposes. He been through some sh*t in his own life with addiction, so he knows what’s up. He ain’t usually one to recommend drugs for misusing substances, but he recognizes the power of psychedelics in helpin’ peeps heal their minds. And let me tell you, he ain’t talkin’ ’bout just legalizing these substances for anyone to buy whenever they want. Nah, he wants regulated access, where only certain peeps can get their hands on ’em.

But wait, there’s more! Kennedy ain’t stoppin’ at legalization. He wants to decriminalize Mary Jane at the federal level and let the states handle regulation. But don’t get it twisted, he still wants the feds to tax the sh*t outta it and use that money for recovery programs. Oh, and he ain’t tryna throw people in jail for trippin’ on psychedelics either. He wants to keep it non-criminalized, ya heard?

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Now, my man Kennedy got this dope idea from a treatment center in Italy called San Patrignano. They help peeps dealin’ with addiction by gettin’ ’em into some agriculture-based activities. Think gardening, forestry, and takin’ care of animals. Kennedy wants to bring that same energy to the U.S., especially in them poor-ass rural areas. He wants to decriminalize weed, make sure the cannabis industry can get those banking services, tax the hell outta Mary Jane, and use that money to build these healing centers all across the country. It’s like a farm party for all them youngins lookin’ to heal their bodies, minds, and souls.

But my man Kennedy ain’t just talkin’ the talk. He’s walkin’ the walk too, ya feel me? He’s been callin’ out Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for bein’ all anti-weed and sh*t. And let me tell you, he ain’t holdin’ back. He even shared an article from Marijuana Moment exposin’ DeSantis’ opposition to federal decriminalization. Kennedy ain’t havin’ none of that nonsense.

And you know what’s hella cool? The whole Kennedy fam is gettin’ in on this drug reform action. Joe Kennedy III from Massachusetts used to be against marijuana reform, but now he’s all about legalizin’. And even President Biden is keepin’ an open mind about psychedelics for addiction treatment. Things are changin’, my friends.

So there you have it, folks! Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is shakin’ things up with his progressive drug policy reform agenda. He wants to legalize Mary Jane and psychedelics, tax ’em like crazy, and use that money to help peeps recover from addiction. It’s a whole new vibe, y’all. And with the support of his fam and the changing tides in drug policy discussions, Kennedy is ready to make some real changes in this country. Stay lit, fam!

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