Where to Cop the Dopest Tropicana Cookies Seeds Online – Ya Dig?

Where to Cop the Dopest Tropicana Cookies Seeds Online - Ya Dig?

Yo, it’s your boy Dan here to tell you about the bombest weed strain out there – Tropicana Cookies. When you think of paradise, you think of blue skies, palm trees and white sand beaches, right? Well, what if I told you that you can make your own tropical paradise with this dank hybrid strain? It’s got those delicious terpenes and heavy-hitting THC that’ll have you chillin’ like a surfer dude for hours.

Let’s dive right in and talk about Tropicana Cookie’s growth traits, bud appearance and where to cop some real Feminized Tropicana Cookies seeds. You don’t wanna miss out on this review, trust me.

First off, let’s hit the basics. Tropicana Cookies is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with 16-22% THC and some tasty terpenes like Caryophyllene, Limonene and Humulene. You’ll feel euphoric and energetic after smoking it, perfect for socializing with your bros. It’s easy to grow as well, making it a great choice for beginners or pros who just want to relax while growing some fire buds.

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The Bloom Seed Co bred Tropicana Cookies by crossing Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Crockett’s Tangie to create something different from other Cookie-based hybrids. That fruity sativa mixed with the dessert indica is the perfect combination for a smooth high. Oni Seed Co improved the strain even further by releasing Tropicanna Cookies F2 seeds that stabilized the strain with enhanced characteristics. In 2019, Tropicanna Cookies F2 weed took home 1st place at the IC 420 Grower’s Cup and has been legendary ever since.

Tropicana Cookies goes by many names like MOTN Trop, Trop Cookies, Tropicanna Cookies and Tropical Cookies but luckily you can finally get some Feminized Tropicana Cookies seeds now!

Before you start growing this fire strain, make sure you’ve got everything you need. It’s easy to grow indoors or outdoors but you still need to give your crop some love. It likes a Mediterranean climate when grown outside with lots of sunshine but watch out for temperatures dropping when Autumn rolls in. Indoors, keep the temperature between 68-84F and humidity between 50-70% flowering for maximum yields. Make sure there’s good air circulation too or you might get mold or mildew.

Tropicana Cookies has a medium height with plants in the range of 4-6 feet/6+ feet indoors/outdoors. It yields up to 500g/㎡ indoors and 600g/plant outdoors with a flowering time of 9 weeks/9+ weeks.

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When it comes to appearance, Tropicana Cookies buds are covered in resin with deep purple calyxes popping out against green and purple colors. Orange pistils dance across the buds making it a show-stopper.

The dominant cannabinoid found in Tropicanna Cookies weed is THC but there’s also a small amount of CBD according to lab reports. The three primary terpenes responsible for the aroma and flavor are caryophyllene, limonene and humulene which make for a tropical dankness, citrus-infused cacao flavor.

Once you smoke Tropicana Cookies, expect an immediate jaw-dropping euphoria that increases energy making it perfect for socializing or instilling laughter and bliss into your day or night. As the effects wear off, a satisfying relaxation spreads throughout your body without any hangover feeling found in other strains.

For medical marijuana patients needing uplifting strains without adding more stress in their lives, Tropicana Cookies is perfect for depression, fatigue, anxiety or pain.

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The only negative thing I can say about this strain is that it may cause extreme drowsiness or paranoia if consumed too much but just take it easy if you’re new to cannabis.

Now if you’re looking to pick up feminized Tropicana Cookies seeds, you’re in luck. The most popular seed bank in America, ILGM, sells Tropicana Cookies feminized seeds at affordable prices. Plus, they guarantee shipping and germination, so you can trust you’ll get what you paid for.

In conclusion, Tropicana Cookies is an amazing strain that’s easy to grow with incredible bag appeal and massive yields that’ll have you feeling tropical vibes wherever you go. Get your hands on some Feminized Tropicana Cookies seeds now!

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