Where to Cop that Leafly Strain of the Year 2023 Permanent Marker, Fam?

Where to Cop that Leafly Strain of the Year 2023 Permanent Marker, Fam?

Yo, it’s goin’ down, y’all! The hottest strain of the year, Permanent Marker, is makin’ waves in the cannabis game. This sh*t is on fire and you gotta get your hands on it ASAP. But how? Let me break it down for ya.

First things first, if you wanna cop some Permanent Marker, you gotta know where it’s grown. Seed Junky Genetics be holdin’ it down in Cali, Michigan, and New Mexico. So start yo’ search there, homie. In Cali, Seed Junky got their sh*t in 400 stores through Kiva distribution. But that ain’t all. You can also check out drops from Doja Pak in Cali dispensaries or hit up their website at dojadirect.com.

But wait, there’s more! Permanent Marker is poppin’ up all over the place. In Cali alone, you can find it grown by CAM, LA Family Farms, Seed Junky Genetics (obviously), Connected, UpNorth, Doja Pak, Jelly Wizard, West Coast Cure, and Binske. They got that fire crop, trust me.

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And if you happen to be in Washington state, you can get a taste of Permanent Marker from Freddy’s Fuego, Torus, Skord, and House of Cultivar. These cats know how to grow that good good.

Now, I know y’all wanna see what this sh*t looks like. Well, check out the pic I found. It’s a cross of Permanent Marker called Red Eye. That sh*t look dank as hell.

But hold up! Permanent Marker ain’t just available on the West Coast. We got some other spots holdin’ it down too. Preferred Gardens got you covered in Florida, Uplifted got that hook up in Michigan, Resin Ranchers got that fire in Oregon, Tru Infusion got you in Arizona, Urban Wellness holdin’ it down in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the Grower’s Circle and Shango got that good good in Nevada. And if I missed any spots, hit me up in the comments, fam.

This sh*t is blowin’ up nationwide. Nearly 600 stores across the country got Permanent Marker on their shelves. And that ain’t even countin’ all the other strains and crosses that are out there. Oregon got a whopping 220 options for Permanent Marker, Seattle got 118, Michigan got 84, Phoenix got 37, Albuquerque got 23, and Las Vegas got 17. Sh*t, even medical Tulsa, OK got Permanent Marker in eight different ways. That’s how popular this strain is, y’all.

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But wait, there’s more! If you into that hash life, we got some high-end Permanent Marker hash for you too. Marc Hammond of Kalya, CA just washed some that blew his mind. Arcata Fire got them dabs on tap, and Cold Fire got them carts if you wanna puff on some Permanent Marker goodness.

And for my peeps in Michigan, I gotta put you on to Zoot Rollz. These mofos be winnin’ awards with their Permanent Marker joints made with Pressure Pack flower for that smooth rosin experience. They know what’s up when it comes to pairin’ the right rosin with Permanent Marker. The flavors and effects of this strain are off the chain. Sweet and funky with hints of candy and floral undertones? Sign me the f*ck up!

Yo, if you wanna grow your own Permanent Marker plants, you can cop some seeds straight from Seed Junky Genetics. They got you covered. And keep an eye out for crosses from Tiki Madman and other breeders too. The game is constantly evolving.

So now that you know where to find Permanent Marker, go out there and cop that sh*t. Hit up the link in the article to search for stores near you. And don’t forget to download the Leafly app to stay plugged in to the best trees in your area. Stay lit, fam!

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