Where da best place to cop Platinum Cookies Seeds Online

Where da best place to cop Platinum Cookies Seeds OnlineYo, check it, dis here article be all about dat Platinum Cookies strain, ya dig? People always be askin’ if there be a strain as good or even betta than dat Girl Scout Cookies, you feel me? Well, dis Platinum Cookies strain be comin’ through with some fire indica-dominant traits, crazy high potency, and some bomb bag appeal. As you read on, you gon’ find out ’bout Platinum Cookies growth traits, THC content, terpene profile, and where you can cop dem real Feminized Platinum Cookies seeds online.

So like, where dis Platinum Cookies strain come from, right? Well, lemme break it down for ya – Platinum Cookies be a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies. So basically, Platinum Cookies *is* Girl Scout Cookies but wit some different traits that some people say be even betta than da OG GSC. GSC was bred by da Cookie Fam up in da Bay Area and da genetic background of GSC (and Platinum Cookies) be Durban Poison and OG Kush.

Now let’s get back to how Platinum Cookies came to be. If you know ’bout da history of Girl Scout Cookies, you know there be multiple phenotypes like Thin Mints, Platinum, and Forum. Even tho we ain’t sho who found dat Platinum GSC cut, we know dat it was passed around to top-shelf cultivators and once it got crowned as a top contender for da GSC throne, growers all over wanted a piece of dat Platinum GSC action.

Platinum Cookies finally made its mark by takin’ first place at the Santa Cruz Cannabis Cup in 2013. Now dat Platinum Cookies done proved itself worthy – it’s time to add it to yo garden. Lucky for you, you can get dem Feminized Platinum Cookies seeds online and grow some top-shelf weed that’ll leave da competition in da dust.

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Where to Cop Platinum Cookies Seeds Online
If you’re trying to get ahold of these seeds – you’re in luck. You can snag them at Seed Supreme in the USA. They be shippin’ outta Cali, so y’allready know it’s legit.

Growing Platinum Cookies Seeds
When it comes to growing dem Platinum Cookies seeds – you gotta have all da info you need to make sure you get a fat harvest of resin-drenched flowers. Having an edge is what separates 300g/m2 from 500g/m2 come harvest time. So read on and apply all dis info to yo indoor or outdoor grow.

Platinum Cookies strain ain’t no walk in da park. You gonna need some serious green thumb skills to reach dat full potential of Platinum Cookies. It’s rated as medium to difficult so it’s best left to dem skilled cultivators. But hey, beginners can still grow dis strain as long as dey motivated and ready to put in dat work.

For optimal conditions and climate, Platinum Cookies thrive both outdoors and indoors when grown wit care. Outdoor growers should ideally live in a Mediterranean climate for da best results. Indoors, keep temps between 77-86F and maintain 40-70% RH during flowering for dem resin-drenched buds.

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Flowering time for Platinum Cookies strain is 7-9 weeks so if you got a fast one, you might see a quick harvest. But dem 9-week phenos offer huge yields so be patient. Indoors, give dem plants a heavy feeding schedule of organic nutrients to speed up flowering process by 5-7 days.

For yield, Platinum Cookies can produce over 450g/m2 indoors under bright lights and optimal conditions. Outdoors, you can get up to 500g per plant so outdoor growers gonna have they hands full trimming all dat bud.

Platinum Cookies plants can grow between 140-200cm so make sure you train em well or space em out if growing indoors or outdoors. Da strain is relatively resistant to pests and diseases but always keep an eye out and implement an IPM strategy just in case.

Platinum Cookies Strain Description and Properties
Platinum Cookies buds are covered in sticky trichomes makin em look like platinum. Buds are large and dense wit a lime green or light purple color dependin on temp at end of flowering. Pistils add a pop of color to the plump buds makin em top-shelf quality fo sho.

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Dominant cannabinoid in Platinum Cookies weed is THC rangin from 17-24%. Terpene profile is off da charts wit notes of diesel fuel, baked dough, spice, sweet floral undertones makin it irresistible. Effects of Platinum Cookies are platinum-grade leavin yo mind floatin while yo body stays relaxed fo hours on end.

Medical properties include helpin wit depression, PTSD, anxiety, insomnia, pain relief, nausea relief, migraines and more makin it perfect fo medical users.

Negative effects may include extreme drowsiness or paranoia if consumed too much. Newbies should take it easy wit PGSC cause da THC content is high.

Pros of growing Platinum Cookies include stunning bag appeal, extreme resin production, high THC content, delicious terpene profile, large yield and medical-grade buds. Cons may include difficulty findin real Feminized Platinum Cookies seeds and medium to large plant size.

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So there ya have it – everything you need to know ’bout dem Platinum Cookies seeds and how to grow ya own top-shelf weed at home!

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  2. Aye, if you lookin for Platinum Cookies seeds, you gotta check out SeedSupreme. They got the fire strains and delivery be on point too.


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