Where Da Best Place to Cop Cali Kush Seeds Online

Where Da Best Place to Cop Cali Kush Seeds OnlineYo, what’s poppin? Dis be Dan comin’ atcha with some fire info ’bout Cali Kush seeds. If you tryna cop some dank buds for the summer, look no further than Cali Kush. Dis strain be hittin’ different wit its crazy yields and bomb effects. So sit back, chill, and let me put you on game on how to grow Cali Kush and where to cop them seeds.

So check it, Cali Kush seeds was originally bred out in Cali, no surprise there. Sumo Seeds put Cali Kush on the map by crossin’ Purps wit LA Confidential. Both dem strains from Cali, makin’ Cali Kush a true native. You might also hear it called Kali Kush, OG Cali Kush, Cali Kush Haze, or OG Kush Haze. Sumo Seeds was impressed by the big buds and dope flavor of Purps, so they dropped Cali Kush on da streets.

But hold up, them original Cali Kush seeds ain’t around no more. Lucky for us, we got them Cali Dream feminized seeds back in action so we can grow this legendary strain ourselves. Go get ’em ova at ILGM pronto!

Now let’s talk about growin’ Cali Kush seeds. Dis strain be unforgettable and perfect for both newbies and pros. It’s easy to grow indoors or outdoors, so ain’t no stress. Just follow these tips to get your Cali Kush plants poppin’:

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– Keep dat vegetative period short (2-3 weeks)
– Indoor growin’ is da move
– Don’t overcrowd yo plants
– Give ’em all dem nutrients they need
– Don’t drown ’em in water

When it comes to climate, Cali Kush plants love that Mediterranean vibe. But they can still thrive in most environments. Indoor plants like bright light, 68-85F temps, 40-70% humidity, and good air circulation. Outdoor plants need lots of sun, 65-85F temps, 30-60% humidity, and plenty of space.

Cali Kush flowers in 7-8 weeks indoors or by the end of September outdoors. And lemme tell ya, the yield be crazy high. You can get over 700 grams per square meter indoors or 550 grams per plant outdoors.

The height of Cali Kush is manageable ’cause it grows like a true indica – short and bushy. Just make sure you control the canopy by reducin’ vegetative time, topping yo plants, and using LST.

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And don’t worry ’bout pests and diseases with Cali Kush. This strain be resistant but always stay vigilant. Use organic pesticides before flowerin’, trim undergrowth, space yo plants right, keep that climate on point, and give ’em plenty of nutrition and water.

When you finally harvest dem Cali Kush buds, you gon’ be amazed by their bag appeal. They be drippin’ with trichomes and lookin’ fine as hell. With 20% THC content, these buds pack a punch but also come with delicious terpenes like Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Limonene.

As for effects, Cali Kush will have you feelin’ euphoric, relaxed, motivated, and focused. It’s great for medical use too – helpin’ with pain, glaucoma, digestion issues, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

But remember to start slow when smokin’ Cali Kush ’cause it can hit hard if you ain’t careful. Watch out for cottonmouth, paranoia, anxiety, or even blackouts if you overdo it.

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Overall, growin’ Cali Kush seeds is a breeze with sky-high yields and top-shelf flowers. Yeah, them original seeds might be gone but we still got feminized ones to cop. So if you want that California Dreamin’ experience at home – grab yourself some Cali Kush seeds now!

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  1. Yo fam, I gotta say ILGM always come through with the fire. They got that legit Cali genetix, never been disappointed yet. Tryem out and thank me later.


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