Where da best place to cop Afghan Kush Seeds online

Where da best place to cop Afghan Kush Seeds onlineYo, check out dese Afghan Kush seeds, man. Dey be straight fire, fo’ real. You can cop dem seeds from ILGM or Seed Supreme, dey be shipping from the USA.

Afghan Kush be a OG landrace strain straight outta dem Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Dis strain be well-known fo’ its intense THC levels and couch-lock effects. If you ain’t grown dis strain yo’self, you probly smoked it before in some hybrid like OG Kush.

After you smoke some Afghan Kush, you gon’ wake up nine hours later wit’ da remote still in yo hand, watchin’ fuzz on da TV screen, and hella munchies. Dis strain be one of nature’s dankest indicas, fo’ real.

Besides bein’ hella potent, dis strain be a beast up in yo’ garden. It’s one of da reasons why it’s taken over da cannabis game. If you tryna get to know dis strain betta, you gotta grow some Afghan Kush seeds yo’self usin’ da guide below.

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Long time ago, before weed became a industry, there was Afghan Kush chillin’ up in dem Hindu Kush mountains. These plants been growin’ wild up in dem mountains fo’ centuries.

Nowadays, Afghan Kush be known fo’ its crazy strong THC levels and its hella chill effects. Even if you ain’t grown dis strain yo’self or copped it at da dispensary, chances are you smoked it many times ’cause almost all dem hybrids out dere today come from Afghan Kush.

Afghan Kush seeds be easy as hell to grow, man. Dey thrive best up in an arid climate like where dey come from. Grow dem seeds indoors or outdoors and expect a fat yield of up to 500 grams per square meter indoors or 500 to 700 grams per plant outdoors.

Dis strain be aight for combatin’ stress, insomnia, pain, and lack of appetite. It be perfect fo’ night time use ’cause it’ll have you chillin’ hard.

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So if you lookin’ fo’ a dank indica strain dat’ll have you knocked out on da couch fo’ hours, den Afghan Kush be da way to go. Cop some seeds and grow yo own stash today!

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