When Them Right-Wing Folks Tryna Control That Good Good – Florida Bill Be Cappin’ THC at 10% on That Dank Mary Jane

When Them Right-Wing Folks Tryna Control That Good Good - Florida Bill Be Cappin' THC at 10% on That Dank Mary JaneYo, check it out! This article is all about Florida and their proposed bill to put a cap on the potency of cannabis products. So, this dude named Ralph Massullo introduced House Bill 1269 in January, and if it gets approved, it’s gonna limit how strong your weed can be if you’re trying to get high.

The bill is hella strict, man. It says that if you wanna smoke weed for personal use, it can’t have more than 10% THC. And for all the other forms of weed, except edibles, it can’t be more than 60% THC. And even for edibles, they’re saying you can’t have more than 200 milligrams of THC in the whole thing, and each serving can’t have more than 10 milligrams of THC.

Now this Massullo dude wants to make the limits even lower than what other states have. And he’s got this whole definition of what “potency” means in the bill. It’s some crazy formula with all these different types of cannabinoids and acids. Honestly, it’s all too complicated for me to understand.

But that’s not all that’s going down in Florida. There are a bunch of other bills being proposed too. One wants to give military veterans special identification cards for using medical weed. Another wants to make it easier for certain people to get licenses to sell weed. And there are even bills trying to reduce penalties for people caught with small amounts of weed and protect medical cannabis patients who work for the government.

So why is all this legislation happening? Well, it seems like they’re getting ready to legalize recreational weed in Florida. There’s this campaign called Smart & Safe Florida that’s trying to get enough signatures on a petition to put it on the ballot in November. They’re getting a ton of money from a big company called Trulieve who wants to sell lots of weed to all the happy Floridians.

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But, of course, there’s always gotta be some drama. The Florida Attorney General, Ashley Moody, is trying to stop the campaign. She’s saying that the petition language isn’t good enough and that it doesn’t follow the rules. So now they’re waiting for the Florida Supreme Court to decide what’s gonna happen.

And it’s not just this campaign that’s having trouble. There was another one that wanted to let medical weed patients grow their own plants at home, but they had to give up because they couldn’t get enough signatures or money. It’s like these grassroots movements are getting shafted while big companies like Trulieve get all the attention.

People have a lot of different opinions about all this, man. Some folks are super mad about the THC limits in the bill. They’re saying it’s gonna ruin the medicinal benefits of weed and make it harder for patients to get the right treatment. They’re also worried that people with specific medical conditions won’t be able to find strains with enough THC to help them.

But then you got Trulieve, this big weed company, backing the bill and saying it’s all good. The CEO, Kim Rivers, thinks Floridians are ready to enjoy their weed without any limitations. It’s kinda weird, right? You got these big companies trying to shape the cannabis industry and maybe push out the little guys.

It’s a crazy time in Florida, my friends. We’ll have to wait and see what happens with these bills and if recreational weed becomes legal. But one thing’s for sure, there are a lot of mixed feelings and a lot of money at stake. Let’s hope they figure it out and let us all enjoy our Mary Jane in peace!

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