Wassup with Rick Simpson Oil?

Wassup with Rick Simpson Oil?

Yo, what’s good? My name is Dan and I gotta tell you about this dude named Rick Simpson. He’s all about spreading the word on the sick healing powers of cannabis and educating anyone who wants to listen. He’s the man behind that famous Simpson oil, which has helped so many people get real treatment with cannabis.

But let me tell you how he got into this game. Back in ’97, Rick was working as an engineer in a hospital and was covering asbestos on the boiler pipes with duct tape. But get this – he was using a potent aerosol glue that can cause some serious nervous system shock when breathed in. And that’s exactly what happened to him. The fumes made him pass out and fall off his ladder, hitting his head hard.

When he woke up, he was in a bad way. His head felt like it was going to explode and everything looked all jerky to him. He went to the emergency room but didn’t get much help from the doctors or the prescription drugs they gave him. He still felt dizzy and had a ringing in his ears that wouldn’t go away.

That’s when Rick decided to try cannabis after seeing a documentary on it. But his doctor wouldn’t give him any, so he got his own supply and it turned out to be revolutionary. It helped him more than anything else he’d tried before. But his doctor still wouldn’t prescribe it, even though Rick knew cannabis oil would be the most medicinal way to take it.

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So Rick started making his own cannabis oil from seeds he bought, and it changed everything for him. He stopped taking prescription drugs altogether and just used cannabis oil, which he applied topically at first for skin diseases. Then he started treating cancer patients and the word of his success spread like wildfire. And that’s how Rick Simpson Oil came to be.

Now, I know some of you may be skeptical about this whole thing. But there’s been a lot of research into cannabinoids and their effects on cancer, and many scientists report positive results. Rick may not be a doctor, but he’s got firsthand experience with how cannabis can heal.

So if you’re curious about this stuff, check out the documentary Run From The Cure that tells Rick’s story and shares important cannabis info with its viewers. And remember, keep an open mind – cannabis could be the cure we’ve been looking for all along.

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