Vegas Got a New Bud Rival for Their Sphere!

Vegas Got a New Bud Rival for Their Sphere!

Yo, yo, yo! What up, my peeps? It’s your boy, Dan, comin’ at ya with some news straight outta Vegas, the city of dreams and non-stop action! Y’all already know that Vegas is the place to be if you wanna see some crazy attractions that’ll blow your mind. From rockstars like Elvis and Celine Dion to mind-blowing art installations like the Chihuly ceiling, Vegas knows how to keep you entertained.

But hold up, ’cause we got some big news! The latest attraction in town is called The Sphere, and let me tell you, it’s no joke. This bad boy is the world’s largest spherical structure and concert venue. And guess who’s kickin’ it off? None other than U2! Every night, this ginormous $2 billion globe turns into a freakin’ giant screen with all sorts of mind-blowing visuals. It’s like watchin’ a concert on steroids, man!

But wait, there’s more! Right next to Planet 13, we got Cannabition, a state-of-the-art cannabis immersive experience. Now, I know what y’all thinkin’. Cannabis? In Vegas? Hell yeah! ‘Cause guess what? 90% of the country is down with legal weed in some form or another. It’s like Kentucky and their bourbon, man. You can’t visit Vegas without indulgin’ in a little green goodness.

This place is gonna blow your mind, my friends. It’s a 12,000 square-foot immersive experience that’s been designed by some seriously creative geniuses. And let me tell ya, even if you ain’t into that extra stuff (wink wink), you’re still gonna have an incredible time. They’ve thought of everything to make sure you have a stoned-cold good time!

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And check this out, folks. Cannabition just made a major partnership announcement. They’re teamin’ up with none other than the legendary Willie Nelson and his brand, Willie’s Reserve. You know Willie, right? He’s the OG of outlaw country and a true champion of legalization. This man has been changin’ the game for 7 decades, and now he’s bringin’ his dream for legal weed to an immersive experience in Vegas. Now that’s what I call entertainment, my friends!

Vegas is no stranger to tourists. In 2022, we had a whopping 38.8 million visitors! We’re talkin’ fifth place worldwide when it comes to tourism, and number one in the whole damn US of A. People from all over the world flock here to experience our unique brand of entertainment and hospitality. And let me tell ya, Cannabition is about to become a must-visit spot for every tourist who steps foot in this city.

But hold up, ’cause there’s more players in this game. Let me introduce you to LP Exotics, founded by the badass Marianna Arakelyan. She’s been doin’ some incredible work in the healthcare industry, bringin’ life-enhancing programs to the Western United States. Now she’s joinin’ forces with Cannabition to create some opulent and tailor-made products for all y’all to enjoy. This lady knows her stuff, and she’s gonna make sure your experience is next level.

And let’s not forget about Michael Stratton, the general manager of Cannabition. This dude knows his entertainment and hospitality like nobody else. He used to run things over at Bong Load Records, workin’ with artists like The Killers, Beck, Elliott Smith, and James Blunt. He’s a Vegas veteran and he knows how to make things happen.

So mark my words, my friends. Vegas is about to become the premier destination for all things cannabis. With attractions like Meow Wolf, the Mob Museum, and our extraordinary culinary scene, we’re takin’ things to a whole new level. So pack your bags, roll up that joint (if that’s your thing), and get ready for the time of your life in Sin City!

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