Top Weed Picks for Chonky Peeps: Get the Lowdown

Top Weed Picks for Chonky Peeps: Get the Lowdown

Yo, what’s good? It’s your boy Dan, and today we’re dropping knowledge on a topic that’s not talked about enough: cannabis and obesity. You know how we all get the munchies after smoking some ganja? Well, believe it or not, there might be a link between weed and weight loss.

First off, hear me out. There’s been research done on how cannabis can affect your metabolism and BMI (that’s Body Mass Index for y’all who don’t know), which is super interesting.

Let’s talk about the scary stats on obesity in America. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that over 40% of adults in the U.S. are obese. That’s crazy! We all know that the standard American diet and lifestyle aren’t doing us any favors, but what can we do to curb obesity? Could cannabis be a solution?

Before we dive into the strains that might help with weight loss, let’s break down what obesity actually is. According to Harvard Health, obesity is when your BMI is 30 kg/m2 or higher. If your BMI falls between 25.0 kg/m2 and 29.9 kg/m2, then you’re considered overweight.

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So, what causes obesity? Basically, if you’re consuming more calories than you’re burning through physical activity, you’re gonna put on those extra pounds. It’s as simple as that. But there are other factors that can contribute to obesity too.

For example, if one or both of your parents are obese, you’re more likely to become obese too because of genetics. Lack of sleep, lack of physical activity/exercise, certain medications with unintended side effects like antidepressants and steroids, and mental health disorders like binge eating disorder can also lead to obesity.

Now, here’s where things get interesting. Despite the fact that weed makes us SO hungry (seriously, I could eat a whole pizza by myself after smoking), it turns out that people who use cannabis actually weigh less than those who don’t. Say what?!

A study published in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research found that THC (that’s the stuff that gets you high) can downregulate CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which can lead to lower rates of obesity. The study concluded that “cannabis may be a better option for weight loss than surgery or pharmaceuticals.”

The researchers theorize that THC downregulation of CB1 receptors leads to increased metabolic rates which results in lower BMIs (even if you’re consuming more calories). However, there’s no research yet on specific strains of cannabis for weight loss or obesity.

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But hey, we can still dream right? Here are five of our favorite high-THC strains that might have potential for weight loss:

1) Durban Poison: This South African strain has THC levels up to 26%. It’s super potent and cerebral so it’s not recommended for beginners.

2) Blue Dream: A sativa-dominant hybrid with a cross between Haze and Blueberry strains. It has potential medical uses and can provide an energetic boost.

3) Grapefruit: Energetic and joy-inducing stress reliever with a 70:30 sativa/indica ratio. This classic strain is still found in dispensaries today.

4) Northern Lights: An indica strain that can help with sleep which is important for weight loss since lack of sleep can contribute to obesity.

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5) Thai Sativa: A pure sativa variety from the tropics that produces high amounts THC-V, a cannabinoid known to suppress appetite. It’s quite hard to come by, so pick it up if you get the chance!

Remember though, these strains aren’t a magic cure for weight loss. But it’s cool to know that there might be a link between weed and lower BMIs. As always, consult with your doctor before trying any new treatment plans.

Thanks for tuning in homies! Stay lit and stay healthy!

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