Top 10 Dopest Weed Strains to Blaze in the Cold Weather

Top 10 Dopest Weed Strains to Blaze in the Cold Weather

Yo, what’s up my fellow cannabis fans? It’s your boy Dan here, and I’m about to drop some knowledge on the best strains to grow and smoke in colder climates. I know it’s a challenge, but only true ganja specialists can handle growing weed outdoors in these conditions.

But fear not, my friends! I’ve compiled a list of the top ten strains that will help you get through those cold months. Whether you love winter or hate it with a passion, these strains will keep you warm and toasty.

Let’s start with the best cannabis strains for smoking in colder climates:

#1 – Northern Lights

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No need for a winter jacket when you have Northern Lights! This strain uses its namesake to give you a psychedelic high experience with 18% THC. It’s perfect for those chilly breaths that make you shiver.

#2 – Granddaddy Purple

This 100% Indica strain is perfect for those who need serious couch-lock. The grape flavor is smooth as hell, and the dense flowers are beautiful. It’s made from Purple Urkel and Big Bud, and it’ll calm your mind and body in no time.

#3 – LSD

If you’re feeling bored this winter, then LSD is the solution. This potent strain will knock your socks off and make you forget all about how tired you were before smoking up.

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#4 – Green Crack

Say goodbye to inactivity with Green Crack! This Sativa-dominant strain will blast away your blahs and bring you instant happiness. It’s perfect for those who need a little pick-me-up when the cold weather has got them feeling down.

#5 – White Widow

A cover of snow outside can be beautiful, and what better way to enjoy it than with White Widow buds? This strain is easy to grow and produces some of the most beautiful buds you’ll ever see. It’s perfect for chilling out and enjoying the winter wonderland.

Now, let’s move on to the best cannabis strains for growing in colder climates:

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#6 – Afghan Kush

This Indica strain delivers a full-body high and is perfect for relaxing after a long day. It was initially produced in the Hindu Kush Mountains, so naturally, it can be grown in colder climates.

#7 – AK-47

This Sativa-dominant strain can flourish well in cold regions, thanks to its ruderalis side. It’s one of the most famous strains out there, made from Thai, Afghan, and Mexican landraces.

#8 – Purple Punch

This in-demand hybrid variety is an Indica-dominant cross with berry, citrus, and kush flavors. It’s easy to grow and produces large harvests of bright purple-colored buds that smell amazing.

#9 – Critical Mass

This strain yields immense crops and is versatile enough to grow indoors or outdoors. It has a brief flowering period, making it perfect for harvesting in late September or the end of October.

#10 – Zkittlez

If you’re looking for a sweet Indica-dominant strain, then Zkittlez is perfect for you. It provides massive yields and performs well in all climates. It’s fast-flowering and will be ready for harvest in just nine weeks.

All in all, knowing which strains are best suited for colder climates can give you an edge when growing or smoking weed. Make sure to take preventive measures against fungi and protect your harvest from the wind, rain, and scavengers. Trust me, you don’t want any nasty surprises ruining your hard work.

There are more strains out there that do well in freezing temperatures, but this list should give you a good starting point. Happy smoking and growing!

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