Tiny Bugs in the Dank Garden | Get Wild with Them

Tiny Bugs in the Dank Garden | Get Wild with Them

Yo, what’s good fam? It’s ya boy Dan, and today we’re gonna talk about microorganisms in your cannabis garden. Now, you might think that these tiny creatures are a bad thing, since they can cause diseases and mess up your harvest. But hold up, because some microorganisms are actually beneficial for your plants. Here’s why and how to use them.

Bruh, microorganisms are everywhere. They chill in water, soil, even on our skin and inside our bodies. And there are different types, like bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Some of them can be bad news and make you sick, but others are necessary to keep things healthy for humans and our planet.

And guess what? Plants need microorganisms too! They hang out in a place called the rhizosphere, which is like the roots’ personal space. The rhizosphere is full of “living soil,” which means it’s packed with helpful creatures doing their thing. Some help plants absorb nutrients better, while others keep pests away.

Now, whether you’re growing in soil or hydroponics, microorganisms can be super helpful. In fact, hydroponic growers especially need to add good bacteria to their setup since they’re starting from scratch with fresh water each time. Soil is a little easier since it usually has a variety of microorganisms already living in it.

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So fam, you might be asking: which microorganisms are best for growing cannabis? Well, let me tell you.

First up are bacteria. These tiny single-celled organisms can survive in all sorts of environments. There are loads of different bacteria species out there, and some of them – like Streptococcus and Staphylococcus – are not your friends.

But don’t trip, because there are plenty of good bacteria too. Some dope bacteria for cannabis gardens include Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) and Arthrobacter species. Bacteria can help your plants get nutrients more easily and act like organic pesticides to defend against stress.

Next we have fungi. There are tons of different fungi species out there – some simple and some complex. But the ones we want for cannabis growing are a type called mycorrhizae. These fungi live on or around the roots and form a cool relationship with the plant.

Basically, the plant gives the fungi nutrients like carbs, amino acids, and organic acids, and the fungi help it absorb water and more nutrients better. Some fungi also boost the plant’s immune system so it can fight off disease.

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Finally, we have nematodes – which are just teeny worms that live in soil. There are lots of different nematode species out there, but some of them can be bad news for your cannabis roots.

Others – like Steinernema feltiae – go after pests like fungus gnat larvae or thrips. Using nematodes means you can use less chemical pesticides.

So why do you want these microorganisms in your garden? Simple: they keep your plants healthy! Here are some ways they do it:

– Fixing nitrogen in soil: Nitrogen is hella important for cannabis growth but needs to be in the right form (nitrates) to be useful. Certain bacteria break down ammonia into nitrates and nitrites so plants can use them.

– Increasing nutrient availability: Sometimes plants have trouble absorbing key nutrients like phosphorus since it gets tied up with other stuff in soil. Rhizobacteria break this stuff down into an easier-to-absorb form.

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– Enhancing root efficiency: Mycorrhizae help roots get water and nutrients more effectively while also making them more disease-resistant.

– Reducing toxicity: Too much of a good thing – like nutrients – can actually harm plants. Certain bacteria help prevent this from happening and remove toxic substances from soil.

– Controlling pests: Nematodes chow down on harmful pests while some bacteria act like natural pesticides too.

– Reducing plant stress: Extreme temps or lack of water/light can mess up plants’ growth and yield potential. Certain bacteria can help plants handle stress better.

Now listen fam, not all microorganisms are friendly to your cannabis plants. Some – like Pythium (a fungus that causes root rot) or Phytophthora (a mold that messes with nutrient absorption) – will straight-up ruin everything if you let them take over.

That’s why you gotta pay attention to your garden conditions and monitor stuff like:

– Your growing media (soil vs hydroponics)

– Salt levels in soil

– Oxygen/carbon dioxide levels

– pH level (cannabis likes slightly acidic soil)

– Temperature

Growing in soil is easier for beginners since hydroponics require more maintenance to stay healthy. One way to encourage good microorganisms is to use organic super soil with things like worm castings or bat guano that have lots of nutrients but no pesticides.

You can also try using a nutrient broth or compost tea to give microorganisms an extra boost. Just mix up some plant food and water, let it sit for a few days, then use it to water your plants.

At the end of the day, fam, microorganisms are a major key to successful cannabis growing. They keep your plants healthy and fight off pests and diseases, so don’t forget to give them their props. Stay tuned for more gardening tips from me next time! Peace!

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