The Global Weed Game is Poppin’ Off without the US – Peep Which Countries Be Scoopin’ Up & Importin’ the Most Ganja?

The Global Weed Game is Poppin’ Off without the US – Peep Which Countries Be Scoopin’ Up & Importin’ the Most Ganja?

Yo, peep this, fam. Health Canada just dropped some fresh data and it’s about to blow your mind. Canada’s medical cannabis exporters been killin’ it in the game, and they found their biggest markets last year in Australia and Israel. These homies shipped a whopping 59,986 kilograms of medical marijuana flower overseas in the fiscal year from April 2022 to March 2023. That’s like 132,200 pounds, man! And get this, it’s a crazy 48% surge compared to the previous year’s export volume. Talk about makin’ bank!

But hold up, that ain’t all. Check out what’s goin’ down in Colombia. These cats been shipping thousands of pounds of that dank weed to Europe, all thanks to resolution 539 that got voted into their constitution earlier this year. They straight up breakin’ UN drug treaties and gettin’ away with it. The cannabis import and export business is straight blowin’ up, defyin’ all them rules.

Now here’s the kicker, y’all. Even though Canada be exportin’ hella weed, they puttin’ most of their eggs in just three baskets. Yeah, I’m talkin’ about Australia and Israel. These two countries be gobblin’ up 80% of Canada’s exports, snatching up a whopping 47,332 kilograms of Canadian cannabis flower. Damn, that’s a whole lotta bud!

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But wait, there’s more. Germany be holdin’ it down as the next big importer, takin’ in 9,560 kilograms of that sticky icky. That’s like 16% of the total export volume, man. Canada been slingin’ that medical cannabis flower all over the world since 2017, clockin’ in at a total of 126,025 kilograms. And get this, Germany ain’t just importin’ from Canada. They be bringin’ in that Jamaican ganja too. Can you imagine the flavor on that?

Now, let’s talk about them dollar bills, y’all. Canada’s medical cannabis exports brought in a cool 160 million Canadian dollars ($118 million) in the past year. That’s a crazy 50% increase compared to the previous fiscal year. This industry be makin’ mad bank, no doubt.

Miguel Martin, CEO of Aurora Cannabis, he knows what’s up. He sees the long-term potential of medical cannabis exports for his company. He says them profit margins be 2.5 times higher than Canada’s recreational cannabis market, and they ain’t showin’ no signs of goin’ down. It’s a golden opportunity, man!

Now, let’s zoom in on Australia real quick. These Aussies be showin’ a whole lotta love for Canadian cannabis extracts. They alone accounted for 93% of the total medical cannabis extract products imported. That’s like 8,392 liters, or 2,217 gallons of that sweet nectar.

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But hold up, it ain’t just Australia gettin’ in on the action. The Cayman Islands be takin’ their fair share too, grabbin’ 320 liters of Canadian exports. Brazil, Barbados, and South Africa round out the top five list, with import volumes of 136 liters, 103 liters, and 90 liters respectively. The whole world be gettin’ a taste!

So what’s fuelin’ this export growth? Well, first off, Canada been steppin’ up their game when it comes to producin’ high-quality products. But their domestic market be oversaturated and hella competitive, so they lookin’ overseas for new opportunities. And let’s not forget them fat profit margins. International markets be payin’ more, thanks to them excise levies in Canada. Plus, there ain’t many players in the global cannabis market, so Canada got an edge.

But yo, it’s gettin’ real competitive out there. Countries like Colombia and Denmark be tryna muscle in on Canada’s territory. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, my friends.

Now, here’s the thing. Canada needs to be careful not to rely too much on just a few international markets. They gotta diversify and stay adaptable. As Aurora Cannabis CEO Miguel Martin says, there’s gonna be more import markets openin’ up in the future. They lookin’ at places like Poland and the United Kingdom as major players. But it all comes down to regulatory stability. You gotta be in markets where the rules are clear, even if they change slowly. Ain’t nobody got time for uncertainty.

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But hold up, playas. It ain’t all fun and games. Most countries demand that Canadian exports meet European Union-Good Manufacturing Practice certification or similar standards. That ain’t cheap or easy, my friends. It’s a whole different ball game that only a select few can play.

So what’s the bottom line? As new markets emerge, it’s not just about their size. It’s about whether companies can meet the demands of these markets. Big corporations gonna be the winners in this game, no doubt.

In conclusion, Canadian cannabis exports be on the rise, thanks to countries with high demand but low domestic production. Australia be lovin’ that Canadian goodness, but stricter regulations might put a damper on things. Still, there’s hope in emerging markets like Portugal, which could open doors to the lucrative German market. The potential for revenue from exports is huge, attractin’ Canadian producers to chase that international growth.

So there you have it, fam. The global cannabis market is heatin’ up, defyin’ them UN drug treaties. Canada be at the forefront, slingin’ that bud all over the world. It’s a wild ride, and ain’t no tellin’ where it’s gonna go next. Stay tuned, stay lit, and keep pushin’ that green!

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