Rich Countries Droppin’ Billions on Global Drug War, Says Fresh Report

Rich Countries Droppin’ Billions on Global Drug War, Says Fresh Report

Yo, peeps! Check it out, there’s this fresh report from Harm Reduction International (HRI) that’s exposing how the big baller countries like the United States and Europe be droppin’ mad stacks on foreign aid for the global War on Drugs. But hold up, instead of usin’ this cheddar to tackle real issues like poverty, hunger, healthcare, and education, they straight up throwin’ it at law enforcement and the military. Y’all know as well as I do that the police and feds ain’t exactly makin’ things better, especially when they packin’ heat.

So, HRI is callin’ out these governments, including the U.S., sayin’ they need to stop wastin’ their limited aid budgets on policies that harm people who use drugs. It ain’t doin’ nothin’ but causin’ more damage, and let me tell ya, this sh*t ain’t cheap either.

According to the “Aid for the War on Drugs” report, from 2012 to 2021, 30 countries dropped a whopping $974 million in international aid for “narcotics control.” Can you believe that? And get this, at least $70 million of that cash went to countries that got the death penalty for drug-related charges. That’s messed up, man.

The report breaks it down even further. In 2021 alone, Indonesia got some of that U.S. aid to support a “counter narcotics training program.” Meanwhile, they were dishin’ out a record-breakin’ 89 death sentences for drug offenses. Japan hooked up Iran with millions to fund their drug-detection dog units, while Iran was busy executin’ at least 131 people for drugs. The irony is off the charts, fam.

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Over the span of a decade, the U.S. was the top player in this game, droppin’ a hefty $550 million on the drug war. The European Union came in second with $282 million, followed by Japan ($78 million), the United Kingdom ($22 million), Germany ($12 million), Finland ($9 million), and South Korea ($8 million). These rich countries are throwin’ stacks while neglectin’ crucial sh*t like school food, early childhood education, labor rights, and mental health care.

In total, 92 countries received aid for “narcotics control” during this time. The big winners were Colombia ($109 million), Afghanistan ($37 million), Peru ($27 million), Mexico ($21 million), Guatemala, and Panama (both gettin’ $10 million each). It’s messed up how those in power use drug policy to maintain control over other populations and target specific communities. This sh*t is rooted in racism and colonialism, and it’s still goin’ strong today.

The report straight up calls out these funding flows for bein’ out of touch with the evidence and international commitments to development, health, and human rights. They rely on and reinforce systems that disproportionately harm Black, Brown, and Indigenous people worldwide. We can’t let this slide, y’all.

While some countries have scaled back their spending on foreign War on Drugs projects, others are goin’ all-in. Take the U.S., for example. They straight up escalated their support for this bullsh*t at the start of President Joe Biden’s term. And guess what? Now they talkin’ about reschedulin’ cannabis. I mean, it’s about damn time, but don’t think we forgot Biden wasn’t exactly the biggest cannabis advocate.

The report droppin’ at a time when the federal government is finally considerin’ reschedulin’ cannabis is no coincidence. The White House tryna play this political game by meetin’ the public where they at. They say Biden been supportin’ medical cannabis legalization from day one, but we all know his stance ain’t exactly crystal clear.

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But let’s not forget that the U.S. ain’t the only player in this game. The report shows how the figures keep changin’, ya feel me? In 2021, the U.S. allocated a fat $301 million to “narcotics control,” which is a big jump from the previous year’s $31 million. But don’t get it twisted, that number is just a fraction of what the U.S. really spends on the global drug war through other initiatives.

According to the report, Colombia was the top dog when it came to receiving aid. They got more than anyone else. But here’s the thing, the report ain’t spillin’ all the tea on the specifics. They claim it’s to protect the health and security of implementin’ partners and the national interest of the United States. Yeah, right.

So, there you have it, y’all. These wealthy countries be droppin’ over a billion dollars on this global War on Drugs nonsense, while real issues go unresolved. It’s time for us to call them out and demand change. We can’t let them keep wastin’ our money on failed policies that only do harm. It’s time to break this cycle and invest in what really matters. Word up!

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