Swami Select: Growing that good weed with purpose and vibes

Swami Select: Growing that good weed with purpose and vibesYo, peep this, in the chill mountains of northern Mendocino County, Cali, Swami Select is where it’s at for regenerative farming and that spiritual vibe in the cannabis game. Swami Chaitanya and his wifey Nikki started this farm with a deep commitment to keeping it sustainable, using holistic farming methods, and bringing spirituality into the mix.

One thing that sets them apart is how they straight up talk to their plants before they harvest. They always ask for consent, showing respect for the plant’s vibe.

Swami Chaitanya Vishvakarma Ganjananda went on a wild journey back in the ’60s hippie days. Drawing inspo from Indian yoga philosophy and getting lit with cannabis, he found his purpose. His trip through India, which you can peep in the movie “Sunseed,” changed him forever.

He had this deep spiritual experience that took him to a whole new level, turning him into Swami. It wasn’t just a title; it was his calling to spread that spiritual knowledge about life and weed to everyone.

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The garden at Swami Select is all about sacred geometry and intention, showing that cosmic harmony and connection in everything they do. Each plant gets treated like a living being that deserves respect and acknowledgment. Before each harvest, they have this deep convo with the plants, showing their love for nature and belief in how all living things are linked.

Swami meditates on the Sri Yantra, this sacred symbol of balanced vibes that guides his grow game. He puts mad effort into every plant, making sure they’re an expression of their environment and the divine energy around them.

He’s all about supporting local farmers who keep it real with ethical practices. Even as weed laws change in Cali, he’s staying true to regenerative farming. Swami wants everyone to keep it conscious when they burn, supporting Mother Earth with every hit.

Swami Select is more than just a farm; it’s a pathway to waking up spiritually and living sustainably. They grow with heart, cultivate with mindfulness, and harvest with respect for the plants, the earth, and that journey to enlightenment.

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In a world craving peace and connection, Swami Select is where it’s at. It’s a safe space where spirituality and weed come together to nurture not just plants but our souls, too.

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  1. Yo, this blog be on point. Swami Select got that fire. They puttin in work and you can feel the love they got for growin. Respect.


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