Study On Mary Jane and Yoga Finds That Vibes and Environment Can Affect Mental Health Gains

Study On Mary Jane and Yoga Finds That Vibes and Environment Can Affect Mental Health Gains

Yo, check it out, my peeps! A fresh study just dropped that tells us practicing yoga after getting high on that good ol’ Mary Jane can seriously boost your mindfulness and take you to a whole new level of spirituality. It turns out that the environment and the things you do play a huge role in how you experience cannabis. Who would’ve thought, right?

This study, done by this badass named Sarah Elizabeth Ann Daniels from the University of British Columbia, wanted to dig into the impact of context when it comes to using cannabis and how it affects your well-being. Now, we know that when people use other drugs to treat mental health issues, they consider all sorts of factors like mindset, where you’re at, and what you’re doing. But when it comes to weed, nobody really thinks about all that stuff.

But guess what? The results of this study straight-up say that what you do when you’re high absolutely matters. It’s like, similar vibes to what they’ve found with psychedelics. The way you set your mind and your surroundings during a cannabis sesh can have a big effect on how therapeutic it is for you. So, don’t sleep on the power of set and setting.

To test this theory, Daniels got 47 people to smoke weed twice (totally legal, don’t worry). During one session, they did yoga, and during the other session, they just did their regular thing while stoned. You know, stuff like eating munchies, watching TV or movies, cleaning up the crib, hanging out with friends, or doing hobbies.

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Daniels measured a bunch of stuff to see how their experiences were different. One thing she looked at was mindfulness — being aware of your mind and body. And guess what? The people who did yoga were way more mindful than those who didn’t bend it like Beckham. It’s like their consciousness opened up or something.

Then there was this thing called mysticality, which is like feeling connected to something bigger than yourself. This is usually associated with trippy stuff like psychedelics, but here’s the crazy part — the yoga crew also had higher levels of mystical experiences. Cannabis and yoga are the perfect match made in heaven, it seems.

Now, when it comes to how you’re feeling, there wasn’t a big difference between yoga and non-yoga sessions. But that’s all good because we’re all about that good energy and good vibes, right?

But here’s the real deal. Paying attention to all these factors and giving people guidelines on how to have the best cannabis experience can seriously improve your mental health and well-being. Like, doctors need to get on this ASAP. They need to figure out the best ways to use cannabis for therapy and give us all the deets on how to get the most out of it.

And don’t even get me started on how people are sleeping on the “high” when it comes to studying cannabis. Like, why are we always trying to remove that part? The whole point of using natural plant medicines like cannabis and psychedelics is to get those consciousness-altering effects, man. We need to embrace it and recognize the therapeutic value in those altered states of mind.

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Anyway, this ain’t new news in the cannabis community. People have been pairing weed and yoga for years now. But it’s good to finally have some scientific evidence to back up what we’ve known all along. Cannabis and yoga make an epic combo, my friends.

So next time you light up that joint or take a hit from that bong, consider busting out those yoga mats and getting your stretch on. Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you for it. Stay woke, my fellow yogis! Peace out!

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