SCROGgin’ – Wuts Up Wid It?

SCROGgin' - Wuts Up Wid It?

For all the hustlers out there who want to get the best out of their weed, SCROG is the perfect way to go. If done right, you can bring your harvest up to the max and get that sweet, sweet skunk. All you gotta do is set up a mesh-like structure where your crops can peek out from and start weavin’ your branches through that screen. This will get your bud sites developin’ in all areas and help keep them protected from moisture and humidity buildup. Plus, it’ll maximize the space you have so you won’t need to go lookin’ for a bigger spot.

It’s all about timing, though. You don’t wanna start weavin’ too early or too late, cuz that’ll just put stress on your plants and give you some nasty results. Wait around 3-16 weeks from veg and check when your branches are soft enough but durable enough to be trained – that’s when you should start doin’ your thang. Make sure to closely monitor your crop for any deformities after each session and keep on feedin’ those bad boys whenever needed.

So, for those of y’all who want to get the best outta their weed and make some dough on the side, SCROG is the way to go! Just make sure you got everything sorted out and follow these steps closely – you’ll be a master grower in no time!

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