Score Your Dream Gig in the German Ganja Game

Score Your Dream Gig in the German Ganja Game

Yo, what’s good, it’s Dan. I’m here to let you know about some dope job opportunities in the German cannabis industry. The government’s starting to back cannabis job boards to attract the best and the brightest in the game. Are you ready to make it big in the German “green rush?”

The German cannabis industry is just getting started, and they’re looking for talented individuals to join their teams. There have been industry-focussed conferences in Berlin this past April and June, and now it’s the government’s turn to react. A new, cannabis-specific jobs board has just been launched thanks to new legislation. It lists positions with companies now entering the legal cannabis marketplace.

Although the website may be called “Cannabis Job Agency” or “Cannabis Arbeitsagentur,” it is actually not formally run by the government. The website appears to be focussed on private industry and startups, rather than government careers. So far, there is not a single government job listed on this site. At the moment, those positions can only be found on Bfarm’s URL.

This is some interesting stuff right here. What’s even more interesting is the list of companies beginning to show up on the site. Keep in mind that this is all being established even before the winners of the first grow licenses are awarded later this summer. Cultivation is going to be the biggest source of new jobs hands down for some time.

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Yo, let me tell you something real quick, cannabis is now a legal industry in Germany. The jobs board heavily promotes the concept of finding a dream job in a cool industry that has “potential.” A job, after all, is a job; and the German government now has its sights set on recruiting the most qualified candidates.

As policymakers everywhere are finally realising, the cannabis industry is a career-maker. The plant requires humans to grow, tend, cure, package, distribute and sell it. There are now more high-octane opportunities available, from extraction to distribution. These are all decently paid positions. As a high-tech industry on the cutting edge of scientific development, there will be new opportunities coming. And soon.

If you’re thinking about packing your bags and heading for Deutschland now, you could do that. However, be aware that there is already fierce competition on the lower rungs of the industry. Your best bet right now is probably in IT. This will also result in less hassle with your visa. Germany is fairly easy to enter and gain work if you have technical skills. Otherwise, you might be supporting your dream job as a waiter.

There is no predominant position being advertised on the jobs board yet, but many of the jobs featured right now are in weedtech or IT. Growers, pharmacists, advocates and salespeople are all positions now in need of candidates. Interestingly, these include jobs in companies with international reputations.

For example, take several foreign importers and German vape manufacturer Storz and Bickel.There are also lots of opportunities to write about cannabis. Additionally, promotional and marketing jobs have increased, as have lobbying jobs.

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This is just the beginning of this industry fam! Remember that the market only got off to a running start in March of this year! We’re still only into the first quarter of the industry’s first year.

This jobs list is about to expand rapidly in short order for a very simple reason – the government will be announcing the results of its bid for grow licenses soon! At this point, these entities will begin looking for actual production staff. If you’re interested in entering the German industry family – keep an eye on this list because opportunities will mushroom from there!

This is good news for Germans now looking for a job in the industry. It is also rather handy for Auslanders looking for a way in. It is not always necessary to know German to apply for many of these jobs either – but it sure would help! Many companies are also listing jobs in English.

Expect there to be a massive push toward cultivation as the industry gets going – for real tho! For the moment though most of these endeavors are all going to be in the legal medical industry.

That means opportunities for people with certain skills – like compliance, supply chain management and auditing – pretty lit! This is also true of other industries like medical and pharmaceutical sectors as well as tech and business.

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Now listen up my dudes because I gotta tell you something important – not every “opportunity” that may find its way onto this and other job boards should be met with open arms without some skepticism! While they may operate more or less legally, these jobs don’t represent an ideal method for breaking into the business. For example home growing is an industry that will continue to exist in Germany’s shadows for some time.

If you’re getting your start by selling home growing equipment – it’s not technically illegal – but recreational use and home growing are still verboten in today’s market so keep that in mind fam! You gotta make sure that you’re working for a legitimate company too because there will only be at most 10 licensed growers allowed to operate in Germany and they will be publicly listed. Other than that – be careful my guys! Do your due diligence! This is actually one reason why it’s better to find jobs locally than it is to search remotely.

Being able to speak at least some German would also be lit AF fam! There are still a few negatives to listing weed jobs on your CV but that threat of reprisal is rapidly fading though so don’t worry too much!

For most job-seekers looking through this list – let me tell you – chances are you’ll be working in a startup of some kind my dudes! Some of them are more well-funded than others and some will be more legit than others too so make sure you do your homework family! Check out their websites, call them up or shoot them an email!

You should also start following news about cannabis businesses – whether it’s from mainstream media or weed-specific news sites – become part of something noice yo!

There’s great need in this industry for workers of all education levels and specialties too my guys! Teaching people about this plant – its medical uses – how to use it – all necessary aspects of understanding this game yo! This is also true when it comes down to addressing latent stigma that continues to confront our community today so let’s break down those walls together!

So yo listen up peeps – seize the day yo cuz this ’bout to get lit!

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