Review of that Blackberry Kush, the Dank Cannabis Strain

Review of that Blackberry Kush, the Dank Cannabis Strain

Yo, what’s good fam? My name’s Dan and today we’re gonna talk about the Blackberry Kush strain. This is some next-level stuff that tastes like straight-up blackberries. Not only that, but it’s got some earthy and diesel notes that give it a unique and refreshing smoke. And let me tell you, this strain is no joke. The effects hit you almost immediately, so make sure you’ve got a comfy place to chill nearby cause you might just end up couch-locked.

Now, let’s talk about the flavors of this strain. It’s got that sweet blackberry taste that’ll make your mouth water. And when you inhale, it’s like biting into a mouthful of berries. But on the exhale, you’ll get hit with that earthy fuel flavor that leaves a pleasant berry taste on your tongue.

This strain is perfect for those dealing with chronic pain, depression, or muscle spasms. And it’s not just for recreational use either. Medicinal users swear by this strain to help alleviate their symptoms. It’ll give you a body high that’ll numb your pain and leave you feeling euphoric.

If you’re thinking about growing Blackberry Kush, listen up. The flowering period is around 8-9 weeks and it’s best grown indoors. So, if you wanna get your hands on some of this stuff, hit up our #1 rated online seed store: ILGM.

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Now, let me tell you something about blackberries. They don’t get the credit they deserve. They’re sweeter than blueberries, bigger than raspberries, and don’t have those pesky pips like cherries do. But when it comes to Blackberry Kush, this strain gets all the attention it deserves.

The genetics of this strain are hotly debated in the community. Some say it’s a cross between Blackberry and Afghani or Bubba Kush. Others believe it’s a cross of DJ Short’s Blueberry and Afghani. But one thing’s for sure, this strain was created during the early days of medical marijuana in California.

Now, let’s talk about the aroma. Blackberry Kush has a scent that’ll fill up any room. It’s like smelling a delicious blackberry smoothie or some blackberry jam. And the appearance of this strain is on point too. It’s got those dense indica nugs covered in dark green leaves with a purple coating. Some plants even have dark purple calyxes that give the strain a blackberry-type appearance.

If you’re an experienced grower, you should know to plant your Blackberry Kush seeds indoors. These plants are resistant to mold but can be susceptible to spider mites and fungus if grown outdoors. But if you can successfully grow this strain outside, you can yield up to 28 ounces per plant. Indoors, these plants take around 8-9 weeks to flower and can yield around 16 ounces per square meter planted.

When it comes to feeding this strain, make sure to pay attention to its magnesium intake. And provide it with plenty of nitrogen during the vegetative stage of growth. And don’t use coco coir as your growing medium unless you want a magnesium deficiency.

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Blackberry Kush might not be as potent as other strains out there, with THC content ranging from 13% to 20%. But it’s still popular among medicinal users suffering from depression, insomnia, or chronic pain. And it reportedly has an appetite-enhancing effect and antiemetic properties too.

So, there you have it, folks. Blackberry Kush is a high-quality strain that’ll leave you feeling relaxed and euphoric. Just make sure you’ve got a comfy spot on the couch before you light up. And if you’re thinking about growing this strain, remember to keep the humidity low and watch out for those pesky spider mites.

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