NYC Ganja Control Board Gives Green Light to 101 Fresh Adult-Use Licenses

NYC Ganja Control Board Gives Green Light to 101 Fresh Adult-Use LicensesYo, peep this – New York ain’t playin’ when it comes to expandin’ the cannabis game in the state. On April 12, the New York State Cannabis Control Board (CCB) gave the green light to 101 more adult-use cannabis licenses. That brings the total number of licenses approved in 2024 to a dope 403.

Governor Kathy Hochul ain’t shy about showin’ love for these milestones. She straight up said, “With the Cannabis Control Board’s issuance of 101 adult-use cannabis licenses, New York’s legal cannabis industry continues to make significant progress with over 400 licenses issued in 2024.” She knows that building up the cannabis industry in NY is key to keepin’ things legit.

The CCB ain’t playin’ either – they approved a resolution that opens doors for all kinds of businesses in the cannabis game. We talkin’ microbusinesses, cultivators, processors, distributors, and retail dispensaries. This move is all about helpin’ entrepreneurs and businesses get in on the action and grow the economy.

Another resolution passed by the CCB gives the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) the power to dish out provisional licenses. This means things can move quicker in gettin’ businesses up and runnin’. The goal is to create a competitive marketplace while still keepin’ things on lock with regulations.

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Now, businesses can get provisional licenses at regular meetings, so they can secure their spot before final approval from the CCB. This is a dope move to help businesses get started without havin’ all their ducks in a row just yet.

CCB board chair Tremaine Wright is all about these new resolutions. She knows they’re vital to buildin’ up the cannabis industry in NY. By issuin’ these new licenses and enhancin’ enforcement protocols, they’re creatin’ a framework that’s all about equity and safety.

OCM executive director Chris Alexander sees this as a crucial step forward for the new license holders. These folks are ready to serve up some quality cannabis products that New Yorkers will be hyped to cop.

But hold up – there was some drama earlier this month when a New York State Supreme Court ruling axed the state’s ban on third party ads for cannabis. Originally, it was gonna take out all of NY’s adult-use regulations, but they scaled it back to just marketing rules.

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Leafly Holdings and Stage One Dispensary were leadin’ the charge on this lawsuit. They know that consumers need choices and info when they’re buyin’ their green. It’s all about levelin’ the playin’ field for licensed retailers so they can thrive in a competitive market.

Senator Jeremy Cooney wasn’t feelin’ too good about this outcome though. He saw it as a setback for NY’s cannabis market. He knows changes need to happen, but throwin’ out all agency regulations probably ain’t the move right now.

In late March, the CCB showed some love to struggling cannabis farmers by waivin’ cultivator license fees for two years. Hochul sees these farmers as the backbone of NY and wants to make sure they get their slice of the pie in this growin’ industry.

Before this move, cultivators had to drop some cash when they wanted to upgrade their license. Now they can save that bread and put it back into their farms.

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The adult-use cannabis industry in NY got off the ground in March 2021 under former Gov. Andrew Cuomo. But it wasn’t until December 2022 that sales actually started poppin’. Hochul took over in August 2021 and knew things needed a revamp.

By January 2024, Hochul was callin’ out the rocky rollout of the industry as a “disaster” and pledged to review what was goin’ on. As of March 18, her administration was takin’ a deep dive into the current state of industry regulations.

So there you have it – NY ain’t playin’ around when it comes to expandin’ the cannabis game in the state. With more licenses on deck and some key moves by the CCB, we’re lookin’ at a future where cannabis businesses can thrive and serve up some top-notch products for all those green lovers out there.

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